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Security access upgrade: Installation of non-contact fingerprint wave readers 

11 June 2020


We are pleased to announce that Excom has approved the upgrade of Welgevonden Estate’s current biometric access system (fingerprint readers) to the latest non-contact sensor technology (generally referred to as wave readers).   


Excom has been considering and investigating the introduction of an access control system that does not require physical contact even before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. In view of the current reality of COVID-19, it was decided to fast-track the implementation of such a system. This will do away with the potential contamination risk posed by the direct contact fingerprint scanning system currently in use. 


Registration and implementation

Implementation will take place according to the timeline below:


A. Owners and tenants

  • 11-22 June 2020: Pre-registration: Complete the registration form for owners and tenants via any of the following two options:

    • download, complete and e-mail it to; or

    • download, print, complete and hand deliver it to the office at the R44 entrance.


Please do so not later than 22 June 2020. This will allow for the verification of the information before the start of the actual registration process.

  • Please click here to download the registration form for owners and tenants.

  • Forms are also available for collection at the office at the R44 entrance.

  • Note: Tenants must submit a copy of their signed rental agreement. This can be done via e-mail when submitting the registration form (e-mail address:, or by delivering a hard copy of the agreement  to the office at the R44 entrance.

  • 23 June – 17 July: Actual registration: Capturing of fingerprints (four fingers) onto the system. Owners and tenants register at the R44 entrance as follows:

    • 23-26 June: 08:00-18:00

    • 27 June: 09:00-13:00 (Saturday)

    • 29 June – 3 July: 08:00-16:00

    • 6-17 July: 08:00-18:00

  • What to bring along for registration: ID card / ID book


B. Domestic employees and au pairs (live-in as well non-live-in) and gardeners

  • 9-22 June: Pre-registration: Employers download and complete the individual registration documentation. When completed, it can be e-mailed to or printed and hand delivered to the administrative office at the R304 entrance. Please do so not later than 22 June. This will allow for verification of the information before the start of the actual registration process.

    • Please click here to download the registration form for domestic employees and au pairs (live-in as well non-live-in) and gardeners.

    • Forms are also available for collection at the office at the R304 entrance.


  • 23 June – 17 July: Actual registration: Capturing of fingerprints (four fingers) onto the system. Domestic employees and au pairs (live-in as well non-live-in) and gardeners register at the R304 entrance as follows:

    • 23 June – 17 July: 08:00-16:00

  • What to bring along for registration: ID card / ID book

  • Note: As a once-off arrangement, no registration fees are payable for this registration.


C. Contractors (for example, builders or renovators at individual homes)

  • 9-22 June: Pre-registration: Homeowners and tenants download and complete the individual registration documentation, then hand it in at the administrative office at the R304 entrance. Please do so not later than 22 June. This will allow for verification of the information before the start of the actual registration process.

    • Please click here to download the registration form for contractors.

    • Forms are also available at the office at the R304 entrance for collection.

  • 23 June – 17 July: Actual registration: Capturing of fingerprints (four fingers) onto the system. Contractors register at the R304 entrance as follows:

    • 23 June – 17 July: 08:00-16:00

  • What to bring along for registration: ID card / ID book


Important: Please note that NO fingerprints of any person who needs to register will be captured unless all documentation is completed in full and the supporting documentation, where applicable, has been provided. Once we transfer to the new wave reader system, the current biometric system will be deactivated and all residents who do not register in time will not be able to easily access Welgevonden Estate. Those would then need to make use of the GLOVisitor app to generate an access pin to enter the estate.


Frequently asked questions

1. Can the fingerprint data of the current system not be transferred to the new system?

It is not possible to do so as the wave reader technology is different from the technology of the current system. Furthermore, wave readers require four fingers to be swiped in one movement past the wave reader’s sensors, instead of only one finger being used on the current system. Users therefore have to register again.


2. When will the wave reader system go live? 

It is planned to go live with the new system on Monday 20 July 2020. The current biometric system will then be deactivated. Owners and tenants who have not registered by Monday 20 July will only be able to access the estate using the GLOVisitor app.


3. What about those few who still use the card system as the current system is not able to read their fingerprints?

Owners and tenants who are currently using the card system must also register on the new system. Due to the sensitivity and accuracy of the wave reader technology, users in this category should be able to gain access to the estate via the new system.


4. How will unauthorized registration be prevented during the process of registration?

Completed registration forms and accompanying documentation will be verified by the estate office, and at the time of fingerprint capturing, those who register will have to identify themselves with their ID cards / ID books.


5. What about owners who do not live on the estate and who are not able to register by the cut-off date?

These owners are still required to complete the registration form and will register on the new system once they visit the estate the next time.


6. Will the functionality of the GLOVisitor app to invite visitors and contractors to my home remain the same as before, or does this also change?

The functionality of the GLOVisitor app remains as is. Nothing changes.


7. Will I be able to register a family member who does not live with me but who often visits me on the new system?

No, such visitors must be provided a GLOVisitor access code to be able to enter the estate.


8. Does the wave reader system offer other benefits than merely being a non-touch system?

From a hygiene perspective a major benefit, of course, is the fact that the user doesn’t make contact with the wave reader. However, due to its innovative technology and sensitivity, the wave reader offers more secure access control. Installing the new system right now also means phasing out the old system, which is nearing the end of its lifespan, and replacing it with the latest technology to serve Welgevonden Estate for many years to come. 



We are dealing with the installation of the new system as a matter of urgency. We therefore request owners and tenants to complete their and their household employees’ new registration forms timeously, and to keep to the timelines for the actual registration.

Access prohibited: Welgevonden Estate dam

10 June 2020

Access remains prohibited to both sides of the full length of the Welgevonden dam wall, the dry land directly adjacent to and further away from the water in the dam, as well as the water itself, unless authorized in writing to do so. 

This restriction is to ensure the safety of those on Welgevonden Estate while construction work is in progress, and will be in place until further notice. 

Completion of the upgrade of the Welgevonden dam infrastructure

9 June 2020

It is with gratitude that we can announce that the upgrade of the Welgevonden dam infrastructure has been completed. Clearing of the construction area will take place in the next few days.


As communicated during March 2020 at the start of the project, The WHOA is by statute compelled to have dam safety evaluations done every five years by an Approved Professional Person (APP) and to submit these Dam Safety Inspection Reports to the Department of Water and Sanitation. During the most recent dam safety evaluation it was found that the outlet gate valve on the dam was no longer in a good condition, and that it had to be replaced with urgency. Furthermore, the condition of the outlet pipe caused a further safety concern that needed to be addressed. As a whole, the safety of the dam was not up to standard anymore and the WHOA was at risk.


The above, as well as other matters of a safety nature, have now been rectified. This was done under huge time pressure due to a five week delay in the project during Level 5 of the lockdown and the onset of the looming winter rain season that the contractor had to beat.    


Thank you for your understanding, patience and, especially, support during the project. The work on the dam certainly had an emotional impact on us as a community, more so during a time when we also have to deal with other physical and emotional concerns due to coronavirus. We can now look forward towards the dam starting to fill up again as we hope for good rains to come this winter.   


Extension of the work

The work on the dam has in the meantime been extended to attend to the erosion caused by water on the inlet side of the dam near the shopping centre. Part of the work will entail installing a catchment facility to prevent trash in the storm water from ending up in the dam. Construction activities will not affect the flowing of rainwater into the dam during this winter. The dam area remains out of bounds for those who are not involved in the construction project due to the risk associated with construction sites of this nature.


Upgrading the dam area

As announced before, Excom and estate management are working on a proposal to upgrade the area around the dam with a suitable landscaping design as to enhance the flora and fauna of the area, also taking into consideration security and risk elements. Provision will be made for suitable leisure activities. Members and residents will get the opportunity to make suggestions and to give input in this regard. The final plan, to be set out in phases, will be presented to the members of the WHOA.

Flying of drones not allowed

31 January 2020

The operating or flying of drones on and above Welgevonden Estate is prohibited. This is in accordance with Rule 22.4 of the Welgevonden Estate Rules which reads as follows:

  • No remotely piloted aircraft systems (or drones), as regulated by Part 101 of the South African Civil Aviation Regulations, is allowed to be operated within and surrounding the Estate.


Transgression may lead to a fine of R500.


Additional information:

Civil aviation regulations prohibit, amongst others, the following:

  • The flying of a remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) directly overhead any person or group of people, or within a lateral distance of 50 metres from any person, structure or building.

  • An RPA may not be flown into any property without the permission of the property owner.


More information available on The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) website:

Estate security and short-term rental

17 May 2019

The security of Welgevonden Estate is one of the executive committee's foremost priorities. 

While we remain vigilant, we pause to acknowledge that, due to the stellar efforts of our estate manager, our security contractors and members of the executive committee, we enjoy perhaps one of the safest living environments available in the area and beyond, boasting a remarkable record.    

The executive committee has, however, recently noted a sudden, alarming spike in the prevalence of short-term letting (i.e. Airbnb-type rentals) and complaints made against owners who engage in this practice.


Stellenbosch Municipality classifies short-term letting as a business in terms of the zoning applicable to Welgevonden Estate and in fact prohibits the short-term letting of an entire property with such zoning in the Stellenbosch municipal area.

The Welgevonden Homeowners’ (WHOA) constitution provides that anyone wanting to operate any type of business in the estate – short-term rental or otherwise – must first seek the approval of the executive committee. At present, the estate has no record of a single application for short-term letting having been received, nor approved.

Almost all security estates do not permit short-term letting for obvious reasons. Permitting complete strangers (and their guests) to frequent an estate exposes all of its residents to risk. This risk is imposed on the whole estate for the commercial benefit of a few owners, whom often do not even live on the estate.


Having properly considered the issue, the executive committee unanimously resolved that:

  1. The position is confirmed that short-term letting constitutes a business, which requires prior approval; 

  2. Due to the unacceptable risk to the estate, the executive committee will not consider or approve any application for letting for a period of shorter than six (6) months; and

  3. The estate manager is to act against unlawful short-term letting with effect from 1 July 2019.

Health and safety risks: Welgevonden dam

27 March 2019

Owners and residents will notice that new warning notices had been erected at the Welgevonden dam.

Based on the available facts, Excom maintains its earlier decision that swimming in or recreational activities on the dam is not advised. At the same time it acknowledges the fact that individual opinions might differ and accepts that anyone who decides to swim in the dam, or use it for recreational purposes, do so entirely at their own risk.


Excom will not entertain any claims that may arise as result of such actions.

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