Welgevonden Estate’s visitor management system:
Using the GloVisitor mobile app

Purpose of this page

The purpose of this page is to introduce the GLOVisitor mobile app, to explain its functionality as an integral part of Welgevonden Estate’s visitor management system, and to give guidance on how to download and activate the app.


Pre-clearing visitors

The functionality of the GLOVisitor mobile app allows residents to generate and share pre‑clearance codes through either SMS or instant messaging, for example WhatsApp, directly with those who will be visiting them. Pre‑cleared visitors gain access to the estate by means of the code and by complying with the estate’s standard security procedures when they arrive at the security entrance.


With Welgevonden Estate’s visitor management system, downloading and using the GLOVisitor mobile app has become essential as it is the only means that residents can use to pre-clear their visitors from the convenience of their cellphones.


Visitors will not be able to enter the estate without a pre-clearance code.

How to download and activate the GLOVisitor app

Download the GLOVisitor mobile app from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play store (Android):

  1. In the applicable app store’s search bar, search for GLOVisitor and select.

  2. Select Install.

  3. Open the GLOVisitor Residential mobile app and enter your cellphone number. (Note: Your cellphone number must be registered on the system beforehand. This can be done by visiting the Welgevonden Estate office during office hours - please see the section First-time biometric registration below.)

  4. After installing the GLOVisitor app, the app will open automatically (if it doesn't open automatically, please check your notifications).

  5. Type in your mobile number that had previously been registered and then type in the OTP (One Time Pin) that has been sent to your mobile number.

  6. When asked, allow the app access to your location and to your address book.

Access to the estate

Residents who enter the estate have to complete the registration process for biometric access to be able to enter the estate and to pre-clear their visitors by using the GLOVisitor app (Please see the next section below - First-time biometric registration.)

Note: Residents gaining access to the estate by means of their fingerprints are already registered and need not register again, but may need to update their cellphone numbers if their profiles are not listed on the GLOVistor app (see point no. 4 above).

First-time biometric registration

Please visit the estate manager’s office to register. To take along:

  • Copy of the rental agreement (tenants).

  • ID or driver’s license.

  • Administration fee (first-time registration only).


Once this process had been completed you can proceed with the GLOVisitor mobile app download and registration as set out above.

In summary

In essence the above information covers two aspects that go hand in hand: 

  1. How residents get access when entering the estate, and 

  2. how residents give access to (pre-clear) their visitors to enter the estate.


No 1 – Residents entering the estate: Residents are only be able to enter and leave the estate by scanning their fingerprints on the fingerprint scanners at the gates. 


No 2 – Visitors entering the estate: Visitors are only be able to enter and leave the estate if their hosts (the residents that they are visiting) have sent then a pre-clearance code via SMS, WhatsApp or similar. To be able to do this, residents must have the GLOVisitor mobile app installed on their cellphones and be registered on the GLOVisitor mobile app’s database (with their correct cellphone numbers).


In general all owners should be registered on the GLOPortal database as this is done by estate management as part of the administration at the time when they became homeowners. Tenants, on the other hand, in general will not be listed on the database and will have to register.  

Needing assistance?

If at any point you need assistance, please visit the estate manager’s office. They will gladly assist with installation and activation of the app.

Many more features

The functionality of the GloVisitor mobile app is not only about pre-clearing visitors. GloVisitor also offers other features to owners and residents to stay in touch with life on the estate. These include:
  • News on what’s happening in the community.

  • Notices of importance via a news feed.

  • Viewing of WHOA documents.

  • Easy updating of personal WHOA records.

  • A reporting function to deal directly with estate management on estate matters.

  • A list of emergency and important telephone numbers.

  • A feature to request details of plumbing, electrical or other home maintenance services. (Note: This is an independent service and is not provided or underwritten by the WHOA or Welgevonden Estate management.)