Frequently asked questions

Am I obliged to use only designated estate agents if I want to buy, sell or rent property in the estate?

No, there are no designated estate agents servicing the estate.


What are the primary objectives of the Welgevonden Home Owners' Association?

The primary objects of the Welgevonden Home Owners' Association [the WHOA] are, firstly, the promotion and enforcing of standards for community-living so that residents may derive the maximum collective benefit therefrom, and, secondly, the maintenance of basic aesthetic standards to enhance property values in the estate. It aims to provide residents with a superior quality lifestyle, offering safe and harmonious community living.

I am keen to live in a secure environment. Tell me more about Welgevonden Estate’s security measures.

As a gated community the estate is equipped with advanced, up-to-date and fully operational security systems, further enhanced by a 24 hour per day contingent of security personnel.

What are the most important traffic control measures on the estate?

Normal statutory traffic laws apply in the estate.

The speed limit is 40km/h. A vehicle may not be operated on a street by a person who is not in possession of a valid driver's license. At the same time a vehicle that is not licensed, not roadworthy, produces excessive noise or smoke, or drips or spills lubricant or other fluid, or that in any other way may damage or deface WHOA property, may not be operated on a street or be parked or stood on common parking areas in the estate.

Parking on the estate is strictly regulated and a resident and any other person who enters the estate with a vehicle must strictly observe the control measures from time to time issued or implemented by Excom.

May I conduct business activities on or from the estate?

No person may conduct a business or practice a trade on or from a residential erf without the prior written permission of the WHOA Executive Committee (Excom) on such conditions as it deems fit, and of the Stellenbosch Municipality.  If the applicant is not the owner of the residential erf concerned, the written consent of the relevant owner for such an application must accompany the application to Excom and the Stellenbosch Municipality.

May I keep pets on the estate?

No more than two dogs and two cats may be kept on any one erf without the written permission of Excom and on such conditions as it determines. A poisonous, exotic or other undomesticated pet, poultry, pigeons, aviaries or livestock may not be kept on an erf or in any structure erected or placed thereof.


A pet must be neutered, spayed or similar and must be regularly inoculated. Pets, furthermore, must wear a collar fitted with a tag indicating the contact details of its owner.


A dog may not roam the estate, and must at all times be tended and kept on leash when it is not on the erf of its owner. Pets may not be allowed to create a nuisance or cause a disturbance to residents in the estate. The excrement of a pet deposited inside the erf on which it is kept must be removed at least once a day, and must be removed immediately when it is deposited on a communal facility or another erf.

What are the rules regarding the use of communal facilities?

Those who make use of a communal facility in the estate must at all times be considerate and exercise proper care. Picnics are permitted in designated areas only, while open fires or braais are not permitted on a street or communal facility.

The dam is quite a prominent feature on the estate. How is it regulated?

Our residents enjoy the dam surroundings and fishing (on a catch-and-release basis). Entering the water, canoeing and swimming in the dam is currently not allowed.


Only residents and their guests may use the dam area, surrounding area and the playground. Minors must at all times be under adult supervision. Users visit the dam area and the playground at own risk.


A person who is under the influence of an intoxicating substance may not enter the dam area and surrounds, neither may a person bring any intoxicating substance to the dam and surrounding area.


Trapping, shooting, harassing or in any way harming the fauna on the estate is prohibited.


Pets may not be allowed to enter the dam and water features on the estate.

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