2020-03-12: Covid-19 - Further improving hygiene of Welgevonden Estate biometric scanners

As an additional measure to ensure the hygiene of Welgevonden Estate’s biometric fingerprint scanners, earmarked staff will be deployed at the RESIDENTS’ entrance and exit points to and from Welgevonden Estate fulltime. Their role is to sanitise the fingerprint contact points on the scanners each time before being used.

Please take note that this arrangement only applies to the resident sections of the access and exit points and not to the visitor sections, as visitors entering or leaving the estate do not use the biometric scanners.

Estate residents may continue to use the visitors’ facilities, if they wish to do so. However, take note that although these scanner units are being cleaned, it is done on an hourly basis and not each time before use as per the residents’ sides.

Residents may also want to consider creating visitors’ invites for themselves using the GloVisitor app. In this case they will gain access to and be able to leave the estate in the same way as visitors would do, without having to touch the scanners or hand over their drivers’ license cards. Residents doing so must please use the visitor access and exit points.

Please be patient should these additional hygiene measures cause delays in the flow of traffic.

More information about COVID-19 and keeping Welgevonden Estate as healthy as possible will follow.

Estate Management

12 March 2020

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