2020-03-16: COVID-19 – New visitor’s protocol at Welgevonden Estate’s security entrance/exit points

Further to our ongoing hygiene measures at Welgevonden Estate’s security entrance and exit points, we wish to bring an additional procedure to your attention.

An area of risk, especially for Xone personnel on security duty at the booms and visitors entering the estate, is physical contact through the exchange of drivers’ licence cards for scanning. The protocol below for visitor access and exit will be implemented from 17 March 2020. We request that you share this information with your visitors, if possible, before they arrive at the gates:

· Before arriving at the gate, visitors should open their visitor invitation messages on their smartphones and click on the link right at the bottom of the message. (The link starts with “https://tinyurl.com”.) This will open up a QR code image.

· Upon arrival at the boom, keep the driver’s window of the vehicle closed.

· Display the QR code as well as the driver’s licence card directly against the car window from the inside (driver’s license barcode facing towards the security official).

· Allow the security official to scan the QR code and the barcode, then to scan the vehicle’s license disk on the windscreen, and to open the boom if all in order.

Visitors without smartphones who cannot generate the QR code and who must use the temporary PIN, should preferably display the PIN number on paper against the window for the security guard to enter into the scanning device. As a last resort, the window should be opened to communicate the PIN verbally.

The above procedure also applies to motorcyclists, but obviously without the closed driver’s window being part of it. Motorcyclists should display both items in the same manner as set out above, but holding the items in their hands one after the other for scanning, and not handing them over.

In general, security personnel had been briefed to maintain as far as possible a distance between themselves and those whom they attend to. Residents using the biometric scanners are requested to respect this arrangement for the protection of all parties concerned.

Regardless of what you believe regarding COVID-19, adherence to these measures is compulsory for all visitors. Some of our community members may be more susceptible to infection or would experience worse symptoms if infected due to high age, lower immunity or other factors. We have a responsibility towards all to take precautions.

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