2020-03-24 COVID-19 – Update on the effect of lockdown measures on Welgevonden Estate

The purpose of this update is to inform Welgevonden Estate residents of the practicalities of certain lockdown measures on the estate. Additional communiques will follow as and when more information becomes available.


Xone Integrated Security, Welgevonden Estate’s security service provider, is exempted from the lockdown and will continue to provide the estate’s security service. Please show appreciation towards our security staff when you deal with them, as doing their job under a countrywide lockdown presents its own challenges and certainly requires sacrifices from them.

Will I be allowed to go outside my home?

The lockdown is an emergency protocol announced by government, which means that South Africans will not be allowed to leave their homes except under strictly controlled circumstances, such as seeking medical care, buying food, buying medicine and other supplies or collect a social grant. Adhering to the lockdown is not optional, it’s the law.

In this regard those who reside in or pay a visit to Welgevonden Estate fall under the same regulations as those who do not live in a gated community. The Welgevonden Homeowners’ Association (WHOA) or its Executive Committee (Excom), furthermore, is not in a position to alter or relax any of the measures that are in place to counter the spread of COVID-19. We therefore may not authorize jogging, walking your dog or taking a family stroll on the estate if such exceptions are not provided for in the applicable regulations.

At the same time, we expect that more detailed guidelines could be issued in due course, which we will communicate as they become available. (It might be prudent to keep to known facts during times like these and not to speculate or compare what other estates are doing. It does not serve a purpose.)

Children’s play parks

We advise residents not to let their children use the play parks during the time leading up to the lockdown. It is impossible to sanitize the play apparatus and to ensure its hygiene. Warning signs and certain barriers have been put up to make users aware of this.

Building activities and contractor services

Building and related contractor activities (including general building and maintenance activities), garden services, household cleaning services and refuse bin cleaning services, amongst others, are not listed as essential services under the lockdown regulations. We, therefore, accept that service providers in these categories will also be adhering to the lockdown. Furthermore, they will not be allowed onto the estate, should they seek to enter.

Emergency and essential services (waste collection, for example) will be able to enter.


We appeal to all residents to be considerate towards those around us, to set the example and do what is right and expected from us as we fight this disease in unity with all South Africans.

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