2020-03-25 COVID-19 – Update on matters that affect Welgevonden Estate

Introduction The aim of sending out regular (at this stage, daily) communiques as the COVID-19 disaster unfolds, is to keep you updated on measures that affect Welgevonden Estate and to indicate how estate management is dealing with it. From a managerial viewpoint we deal with the situation on three integrated platforms: 1. Operational platform: Attending and responding to day-to-day matters. 2. Contingency platform: Considering the "what if" situations and taking steps to be prepared to deal with such circumstances, should they arise. 3. Communication platform: To keep owners and residents informed as accurately and timeously as possible about matters that affect them.

Needless to say, most of our energy and time go into nos. 1 and 3 right now. In this regard we expect things to slow down to an extent after the mandatory lockdown has started on Thursday night, after which we should be able to give more attention to no. 2. Departure point The situation around COVID-19 is serious and threatening, perhaps more so than what many folk may be aware of, or are willing to acknowledge. However, in order to fulfil our primary function, namely to manage Welgevonden Estate under these extraordinary circumstances, our approach is not to embark on informing our stakeholders on COVID-19 (this takes place via various other sources and channels), but rather to focus on the practical - the here and now - and to do what we believe to be in the best interest of the estate and its residents. Personal movement Health minister Dr. Zweli Mkhize earlier today (Wednesday) announced that people will be allowed to walk their dog and go for a jog during the three-week lockdown. This announcement, however, was annulled by police minister Bheki Cele at a press briefing later this afternoon, when he said that South Africans will not be able to purchase alcohol or walk their dogs during the lockdown period. Courier services and delivery Couriers delivering essential goods will be allowed onto the estate during the lockdown period. The same applies for delivery services for orders that were placed online, for example food from Woolworths, as long as those who are involved, abide by the official lockdown conditions. Residents will continue to use the GLOVisitor app to give delivery services access to the estate. Moving house during lockdown It is important to be aware of the list of essential services that will continue to function during the lockdown. Moving house is not listed as one of them and will therefore not be allowed on Welgevonden Estate. Correction: Contingency matters Earlier today we advised Welgevonden Estate residents who have not done so yet, to register on the estate's biometric access control system by Thursday 26 March 2020. Those who prefer not to do so are welcome to ignore this request. Said information was published prematurely. Residents will still be able to pre-authorise themselves using the GLOVisitor app, even if it might become necessary to prevent non-essential visitors from entering the estate. At the same time we urge residents not to invite non-essential visitors during the lockdown. Not only will the movement of these persons be a transgression of the lockdown regulations, but non-essential visitors will not be allowed to enter the estate when they arrive at the boom. Important: To finally clear any possible confusion, please take note that the GLOVisitor app has not been suspended and is operational.

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