2020-03-26 COVID-19 – Pre-lockdown update

Personal movement on Welgevonden Estate during the lockdown Over the past day or two South Africans have received conflicting information about being allowed to walk their dog, go for a jog, or walk in the estate during the three-week lockdown, or not. The official government notice which deals with managing the COVID-19 disaster stipulates the following, amongst others, on the restriction on the movement of persons and goods: Quote 11B. (1)(a) For the period of lockdown – every person is confined to his or her place of residence, unless strictly for the purpose of performing an essential service, obtaining an essential good or service, collecting a social grant, or seeking emergency, life-saving, or chronic medical attention. Unquote The law is specific – confined to place of residence. At the same time government has a duty to give clarity and guidance in terms of the letter of the law and to officially publish such guidance. Whatever clarity and guidance government has offered, and may still offer, Welgevonden Estate management’s viewpoint is straightforward – stay in your home and do not go beyond the boundaries of your erf. Not only is this our viewpoint, but it is our appeal to you in no uncertain terms. We’re beyond the point where personal preferences should get priority above our own wellbeing, the wellbeing of our community and, for that matter, our country, even if a government minister said that those living in an estate will be allowed take a walk (which, by the way, had been revoked by the same minister’s spokesperson a few hours later, according to the media). Estate management is not in a position to prescribe on or police this matter, neither is it their role to do so. But we have a duty to offer our viewpoint and to remind residents that your decision may be to the benefit or the detriment of those in close to 1000 residences around you, depending on the choices that you make. We each have to decide, not what is convenient, but what is right. Holding the fort during the lockdown The following applies:

  • Estate security is in place with Xone in attendance. Expect them to be strict.

  • The estate office is staffed in support of security and residents. Here are the details:

  • Office hours: Weekdays 08:00 – 16:00

  • No walk-in or personal visits, contact only via telephone or e-mail: Tel.: 021 889 5450; E-mail: admin@welgevonden.co.za

  • The security office at the R44 entrance to Welgevonden Estate is the after-hours contact point: Tel: 021 889 5209

Recap on arrangements communicated earlier The following applies:

  • Courier services and deliveries: Couriers delivering essential goods and orders that were placed online, for example food from Woolworths, will be allowed during lockdown. Residents will continue to use the GLOVisitor app to give their delivery service access to the estate.

  • Moving house during lockdown: Not allowed.

  • GLOVisitor app: The GLOVisitor app is functional and in use. Residents may continue to pre-authorise themselves using the app.

  • Non-essential visitors: We urge residents not to invite non-essential visitors during the lockdown. Not only will the movement of these persons be a transgression of the lockdown regulations, but non-essential visitors will not be allowed to enter the estate when they arrive at the boom.

  • Building activities and contractor services: Building and related contractor activities (including general building and maintenance activities), garden services, household cleaning services and services that clean refuse bins after refuse removal, amongst others, will not be allowed onto the estate. Emergency and essential services: Will be allowed to enter.

Conclusion We convey our sincere appreciation for the way that you, whether as owner or resident, have made it easier for us to deal with the lead-up to lockdown. Thank you for giving us the room to plan, make arrangements and to get things in place for the estate. Thank you, especially, for your support as we continue to make our way during these uncertain times. Do take care.

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