2020-03-29 COVID-19 – Responsible dissemination of information

With social media abuzz nowadays, we appeal to all Welgevonden Estate residents to take caution about what you accept as fact and what you share on Welgevonden's social media. Things that were true a few days ago, might have changed in the meantime.

An example: On 25 March 2020 in the early morning our health minister announced that people will be allowed to walk their dog and go for a jog during the three-week lockdown. The police minister annulled this later that afternoon when he said that South Africans will not be able to walk their dogs during the lockdown period. The same goes for an earlier statement by the police minister that those living in an estate will be allowed take a walk, which was revoked by the minister’s spokesperson a few hours later.

What was said on the morning of 25 March was correct at the time. But to refer to it as gospel (and even having a media statement to prove it) would be off the mark, as it changed later on that same day.

With the ever-changing scenario that we are in:

  • Validate before that urge comes up to click on the social media share icon.

  • Make sure about the most up to date facts before putting fingers to keyboard.

  • Do not speculate – it merely leads to unnecessary rumours.

Responsible communication, not unqualified or fake news (which is an offence) is what is required right now.

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