2020-03-31 COVID-19 – Personal movement in gated communities

National police spokesperson Brig. Vish Naidoo has confirmed on 29 March 2020 that the lockdown regulations that refer to the movement of people, similarly apply to those living within estates/complexes and that no walking, jogging or walking of pets within closed estates/complexes is allowed. He expected estate/complex managers to assist in this by ensuring that these regulations are enforced with immediate effect.

This is in line with Welgevonden Estate management’s viewpoint right from the outset that the estate falls under the same regulations as those that apply to non-gated communities, and that it is not in a position to alter or relax any of the measures that are in place to counter the spread of COVID-19.

To further comply with the lockdown regulations and to adhere to Naidoo's appeal for enforcement, estate management has decided that Welgevonden Estate residents will from now on not be allowed to exit or enter the estate on foot. This is to rule out the option that estate residents currently have to proceed to the Stone Square shopping centre on foot via the estate, thereby breaking the lockdown rule as far as it applies to walking in estates.

Personal movement on the estate may only be done by car. No walking, jogging, cycling or walking the dog is allowed.

Those who are without a vehicle and who do not have an option but to walk to go shopping, must make arrangements with estate security beforehand (tel: 021 889 5209). Trying to do so upon arrival on foot at the gate, will not be entertained.

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