2020-05-05 Communique - COVID-19 – Level 4 lockdown: Settling in

Isn’t it wonderful to experience the energizing vibe of residents out early-morning to catch up on open-air exercise on the estate! Even though only for a few hours daily, Welgevonden Estate is alive again!

Adhering to the regulations

But, although somewhat relaxed, we are still under a state of lockdown, currently Level 4. We therefore appeal to all residents to adhere to the regulations that apply to this level, especially where our actions may affect those around us. We wish to highlight the following:

  • Do wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth when you are in a public place. This also applies when you’re out on the estate during the early-morning exercise routine. Wearing of masks reduce the chances that infected people will spread the coronavirus when they sneeze or cough. Let’s wear masks, not only because it is the right thing to do, but also due to of our responsibility towards others, including those with compromised immune systems, to prevent the virus from spreading via the air.

  • Please refrain from being at leisure out on the streets or in the public open spaces from 09:00 onward. In this regard we are especially concerned about children at play in groups during daytime and early evening. Parents, please make sure that your children also adhere to the lockdown regulations.

A fiduciary duty

When it comes to the collective interests of those living in Welgevonden Estate, Excom has a legal obligation to act in the best interest of its members and residents. Our appeal to adhere to lockdown regulations and to act responsibly for the sake of others on Welgevonden Estate, should therefore not be viewed as estate management wanting to control other people’s lives, but should be seen as part of the fiduciary duty of the trustees of the homeowners’ association to act in the interest of the community.

Appearance of the estate

Now that there are more and more residents out on the streets, let’s tidy up around us and create, as before, a visually pleasing environment. Please maintain gardens as far as possible and, especially remove the multitude of wheelie bins that are currently standing in plain sight on erven, on pavements and even in the streets.

What residents can do

Unfortunately estate management is not able to maintain the parks and green areas, as Crown Landscaping is not allowed to return to work yet. We are therefore also not able to empty the refuse containers in these areas. Therefore, please pick up your dog’s poop as a matter of routine when walking with them, but please deposit it in your own refuse bin at home instead of in the public refuse containers. Please also refrain from letting your dogs out to defecate on your neighbours’ property or that of the estate. It is not fair towards your neighbours to have to cope with your dog’s poop, and it creates a health risk.

Furthermore, where possible, please assist by collecting in bags the dead leaves that are accumulating in the streets where you live and put it out on refuse removal day. This should help to prevent the storm water system from becoming blocked when the rain season starts.

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