A warm welcome to Welgevonden Estate’s newly-appointed security and risk manager

Petrus Brandt recently joined the Welgevonden Estate management team as the estate’s Security and Risk Manager. His key responsibilities include planning for, mitigating of and managing all risk-related matters, the estate’s compliance with health and safety requirements, and overseeing the Xone Security contract.

With appropriate and notable qualifications and more than 20 years’ experience in this field in the hospitality and residential property industries, and having been employed in similar positions at, amongst others, the Arabella Country Estate/The Western Cape Hotel and Spa (SA) Group, Cape Royale Luxury Hotel and Residence, and the Taj Hotel Group, Petrus is suitably qualified for this position. His experience, especially of exclusive homeowners associations and 5-star hotel environments, means that he is no newcomer to residential estates and the requirements that Welgevonden Estate has in this regard.

Petrus is looking forward to his role at Welgevonden Estate. “It is not often that one gets the opportunity to apply all of one’s skills and experience in one employment portfolio such as the one that I’ve been appointed to,” he says. “From a work perspective – as well as from interaction with the estate residents thus far – I can already see that I’m going to enjoy my work and that I will be able to make a difference on the estate and for those who live here.”

What is of even greater importance is Petrus’s commitment towards identifying and understanding Welgevonden Estate’s unique risk and security requirements. He is keen to establish suitable structure to monitor and reduce risks, to create cooperation between all stakeholders, and to ensure effective procedures, should it become necessary to deal with imminent threats.

Petrus believes in being proactive, in giving attention to detail, and doing things right the first time around. “In the 5-star hospitality and residential industries where I come from, there is no excuse for missing some detail, or room for second best. You do things properly and to the highest standard. This is what Welgevonden Estate will get from me,” he adds.

“Petrus’s appointment is yet another strategic step to ensure safety and security in the long run on Welgevonden Estate,” says estate manager Gawie Marx. “This is part of estate management’s commitment to make Welgevonden Estate the preferred residential development in Stellenbosch and, in doing so, facilitating growth in homeowners’ property investments, and to further contribute towards the exceptional community lifestyle that the estate is renowned for.”

Picture: Petrus Brandt

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