Completion of the upgrade of the Welgevonden dam infrastructure

It is with gratitude that we can announce that the upgrade of the Welgevonden dam infrastructure has been completed. Clearing of the construction area will take place in the next few days.

As communicated during March 2020 at the start of the project, The WHOA is by statute compelled to have dam safety evaluations done every five years by an Approved Professional Person (APP) and to submit these Dam Safety Inspection Reports to the Department of Water and Sanitation. During the most recent dam safety evaluation it was found that the outlet gate valve on the dam was no longer in a good condition, and that it had to be replaced with urgency. Furthermore, the condition of the outlet pipe caused a further safety concern that needed to be addressed. As a whole, the safety of the dam was not up to standard anymore and the WHOA was at risk.

The above, as well as other matters of a safety nature, have now been rectified. This was done under huge time pressure due to a five week delay in the project during Level 5 of the lockdown and the onset of the looming winter rain season that the contractor had to beat.

Thank you for your understanding, patience and, especially, support during the project. The work on the dam certainly had an emotional impact on us as a community, more so during a time when we also have to deal with other physical and emotional concerns due to coronavirus. We can now look forward towards the dam starting to fill up again as we hope for good rains to come this winter.

Extension of the work

The work on the dam has in the meantime been extended to attend to the erosion caused by water on the inlet side of the dam near the shopping centre. Part of the work will entail installing a catchment facility to prevent trash in the storm water from ending up in the dam. Construction activities will not affect the flowing of rainwater into the dam during this winter. The dam area remains out of bounds for those who are not involved in the construction project due to the risk associated with construction sites of this nature.

Upgrading the dam area

As announced before, Excom and estate management are working on a proposal to upgrade the area around the dam with a suitable landscaping design as to enhance the flora and fauna of the area, also taking into consideration security and risk elements. Provision will be made for suitable leisure activities. Members and residents will get the opportunity to make suggestions and to give input in this regard. The final plan, to be set out in phases, will be presented to the members of the WHOA.

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