Estate Manager's newsletter: November 2020

Dear Welgevonden Homeowners and Residents

I wish to start off with a topic that is close to my heart – Welgevonden Estate’s sense of community, and adding value to it.

Successful home owners’ associations

Successful residential estates have a common thread – in addition to ensuring that these estates look appealing and maintain its property values, their executive committees and estate management structures focus on building a strong sense of community.

Although part of the day-to-day operations of an estate could be viewed by some as being negative – for example, enforcing rules, collecting levies, and sometimes even denying requests for architectural changes – such activities are necessary and part of the upkeep of and quality of life on the estate.

However, what residents often forget, is to focus intentionally on the positive aspects of living in such a community and being a member of a community association such as the Welgevonden Home Owners’ Association. This association’s core purpose is not only to ensure abidance by the rules and taking care of the overall appearance of the estate, but especially to offer more and enhance the lifestyle of those who live here.

We as Welgevonden Estate management are proud to be part of the structure that plays a role in further enhancing what we already enjoy.

Important dates and arrangements: December 2020 / January 2021 holiday season

  • Administrative office: Welgevonden Estate’s administrative office will close on Friday 18 December 2020 and reopen on Monday 4 January 2021. Matters that require urgent attention during this time can be referred to the estate’s security office, telephone number 021 889 5209.

  • Builders’ holiday: The annual builders’ holiday starts on Saturday 19 December 2020 and ends on Sunday 10 January 2021. During this period no building activities will be allowed on Welgevonden Estate.

  • Architectural matters: Building plans to be reviewed must be submitted to the estate’s administrative office by Friday 4 December 2020, in time to be considered at the architectural review meeting to be held on 10 December.

  • Biometric registration: The biometric office – located at the R304 entrance – will be open on weekdays from 09:00 – 12:00 for those who need to register on the biometric system.

  • Other general aspects: A summary of all the seasonal arrangements for the estate will be provided in a separate communication.

Gatehouse at the R304 entrance

The upgrade of the R304 entrance building has been completed. It now provides, amongst others, for an inviting and user-friendly area for biometric registration, an office for the estate’s security and risk manager, toilets, a storage room and a small canteen area for Welgevonden Estate employees and the security personnel on duty.

Registration on the biometric system

This is a reminder that all employees and contractors who are currently registered on the estate’s biometric system and who wish to remain registered, have time until 30 November 2020 to apply, if they have not done so yet. Part of the application process is a criminal profile verification, which must be completed and found to be in order before 30 November 2020. Anyone in this category who has not completed criminal profile verification by this date will be removed from the biometric system. Please contact the Welgevonden Estate administrative office if you require more information.

Laminated identity cards

Please take note that the laminated identity cards for domestic workers and gardeners are no longer in use. These workers can be registered on the biometric system, or gain access to the estate using a PIN issued to them via the GLOVisitor app.

Access to the dam area

The upgrading of the dam area in terms of the fence and access control is nearing completion. The gate which allows entrance to the dam area, situated on the dam wall at the end of Melkbos Street, will be operational by Friday 27 November 2020. The following apply:

· Only adult residents who are registered on the estate’s biometric system will be able to gain access via the gate. This is done by swiping via the wave reader scanner on the outside of the gate. The gate opens and closes automatically. (To exit, a pushbutton is used to open the gate from the inside.)

· Residents who wish to allow their domestic workers, au-pairs or caregivers access to the dam area must fill in an application and indemnity form at the estate’s administrative office, upon which those specific individuals, if registered on the biometric system, will be able to gain access.

· Furthermore, homeowners and residents who wish to allow their children, aged 16 years and older, unsupervised access to the dam area, can also fill in an application and indemnity form at the estate’s administrative office, upon which the children will be registered on the biometric system for the purpose of opening the access gate.

Street numbers

We request that all owners and residents ensure that their residences display the appropriate street numbers, and that the numbers are clearly visible from the street. This is to make it easy to identify properties on the estate, especially when emergency services must respond to urgent situations.

The following extract from Welgevonden Estate’s Architectural Directives and Design Guidelines applies to house numbers and letterboxes:

  • Maximum size of lettering to be used: 200 mm in height

  • All lettering and numbering to be placed horizontally and in line, and to be understated

  • Preferred lettering style: Helvetica

  • Colour for lettering: Only black, polished steel or brass lettering is allowed

  • Exclusions: No ceramic, italic, and free form lettering is allowed

  • No house names are allowed

  • The size and location of all house numbers and letter boxes are subject to the final approval of the estate manager

Concealment of municipal wheelie bins and air conditioner units

Thank you to all residents who are making a concerted effort to store their municipal wheelie bins out of sight after waste collection day. We are, however, aware of several houses where it is not possible to do so, due to their construction and position on the erf.

Estate management has identified several preferred service providers who are geared to supply and install approved bin concealment enclosures for those who wish to make use of their services. Please contact the estate’s administrative office for their contact details.

The above also applies to installing approved enclosures to conceal air conditioner units that are visible from the street.

Children’s playparks

We have recently upgraded all three of the playparks for children on the green areas, also adding additional equipment. New benches for all to use are also being installed.

Upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Please be reminded of the WHOA AGM which takes place on Thursday 26 November 2020 at 18:00 at the Doornbosch Hall, R44, Stellenbosch. Please RSVP to if you’re planning to attend the meeting. Having the attendance numbers beforehand will help us to prepare the venue in accordance with COVID-19 regulations and social distancing requirements.

Opinion survey: Proposed leisure facilities

Homeowners recently had the opportunity to vote on introducing certain leisure facilities on Welgevonden Estate. A total of 321 responses were received, and the results were as follows:

  • Proposed coffee kiosk: 78,5% in favour, 21,5% against

  • Proposed pétanque courts: 53% in favour, 47% against

  • Proposed tennis courts: 53,6% in favour, 46,4% against

  • Proposed pump and mountain bike track: 75% in favour, 25% against

Apart from the response to the specific questions, we also received valuable input, comments and suggestions which will be considered when Excom does further planning in this regard at the start of the new year.

Erf 7001, Cloetesville

On 30 October 2020, Stellenbosch Municipality advertised a proposed disposal of municipal land – Erf 7001, Cloetesville, Stellenbosch – and the appointment of a turnkey developer / implementing agent to facilitate delivery of housing units with prices ranging from R250 000 to R750 000. (Erf 7001 is located adjacent to Welgevonden Estate in the reservoir area to the south of Belladonna and Wildeklawer streets.)

Estate management has responded to the advertisement by submitting comments to the municipal manager, requesting more information. The WHOA is now registered as an interested party. We will remain close to this matter and do what is necessary to ensure that the WHOA’s interests are best served.


For pet owners who will be going on holiday but planning to leave their pets behind, please make sure that they are well-cared-for during your absence. Experience in the past has shown that pets are often left at home with someone only going around at intervals to feed them. Such animals, especially dogs, often get upset due to being alone for so long and tend to bark continuously, which is not fair on the animals, and those residing nearby who must listen to them. Please be considerate.

Kind regards

Gawie Marx

Estate Manager

24 November 2020

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