Estate Manager's newsletter: October 2020

Dear Welgevonden Homeowners and Residents

Just when we thought that winter would never end, we start having wonderful weather, indicative of summer which is around the corner. I look forward to my first summer at Welgevonden Estate and to what our beautiful surroundings have to offer during this new season.

I wish to touch on several Welgevonden Estate matters of importance, amongst others, feedback on the recent opinion survey that we’ve done, the upcoming AGM, and the Welgevonden dam. I also wish to highlight a number of estate rules which affect us all.

Upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM)

This year’s WHOA AGM takes place on Thursday 26 November 2020. We’ll be sending out more information in line with the requirements of the WHOA constitution closer to the time. However, please diarise the date in the meantime.

Important matters on the agenda, amongst others, will be discussing and approving the budget, and the election of members to serve on Excom. In this regard we urge to you to make yourself available for election. We need your involvement for the benefit of the estate and our community.

Safety at the Welgevonden dam

The fencing off of the Welgevonden dam is almost completed. We are currently installing a wave reader at the entrance gate to the dam. Those who are registered on the estate’s biometric system will be able to enter the area around the dam in the same way as when they enter the estate, using the wave readers.

The main reasons for implementing these measures are to comply with health and safety requirements for swimming pools and open water sources in urban areas, to minimise the risk of unaccompanied minors gaining access to the water, and to indemnify the WHOA from liability in the instance of an accident at the dam (which we trust will never happen). The responsibility for the safety of those who enter the dam area will from now on rest solely on those who enter and/or provide access to others through the gate.

Update on improving the Welgevonden dam

We have conceptualised the upgrading of the dam area to make provision for picnic areas, fishing jetties and walkways for all to enjoy. More detail of the proposed project will be presented at the upcoming AGM. In the meantime, please see here, and below, images of what is envisaged to be implemented in the coming financial year. Exciting times!

Estate rules

As we have mentioned before, Welgevonden Estate’s estate rules have been formulated in accordance with the WHOA constitution and were approved by the homeowners.

These rules have not been designed to be punitive but were set to serve the best interest of the community. Unfortunately, there are those who do not observe and abide by some of these rules which, of course, create disharmony.

In general, non-abidance of four categories of rules currently causes the most discontent and subsequent complaints by residents. These are as follow:

1. Rules related to social activities

Please be considerate towards your neighbours. The high-density layout of properties on the estate requires additional courtesy when it comes to matters such as noise, partying, and overflow parking when you have visitors. Speak to your neighbours if they are in a habit of creating unacceptable noise (it is possible that they may not even be aware of such disturbances), inform them if you’re planning a get-together and make sure that you quiet down at the time agreed upon with them, and mutually sort out unacceptable parking habits that may cause frustration.

Ideally the community should resolve such matters amongst themselves and it should not be necessary for estate management to apply punitive measures to resolve them. However, if we have to do so, we will … and I can assure you that we are indeed doing so!

2. Speeding and use of the roads

Please adhere to the speed limit and drive attentively. Pedestrians, children at play and pets are precious to us – they must never become accident statistics. We also urge parents to ensure that their children are aware of the dangers of playing, cycling or skateboarding in the streets.

3. Maintenance and appearance of private gardens and streetscapes

Thank you to those residents who take pride in maintaining their gardens. Unfortunately, there are also gardens on the estate that are in a poor condition. If yours is one of them, please make an effort to improve its appearance and to keep it that way. Paving and driveways form part of the streetscape and of the external appearance of your garden. Residents have a responsibility to ensure that their gardens contribute to a pleasing overall appearance of the estate.

4. Control over dogs

Dogs may not roam the estate and must at all times be kept on leash and tended to when they are not enclosed on their owners’ erven. Welgevonden welcomes pets and from the large number of cats and dogs on the estate it is apparent that we are a community of pet lovers. We also have large green areas that add greatly to our quality of life, but these can rapidly be spoiled if dog faeces are not sensibly managed. Every dog owner must take responsibility for their dogs when walking them on communal areas. Pick up your dog’s faeces and dispose of it (suitable containers are provided). We receive complaints on a daily basis from residents on this matter and request all to adhere to the rules.

Opinion survey

Thank you for your participation in the recent survey to help us determine your preferences for a small community café for takeaway coffee, beverages and food items on Welgevonden Estate, as well as the need for outdoor leisure facilities.

Apart from the response to the specific questions, we also received wide-ranging suggestions for and input on facilities on Welgevonden Estate. The results of the survey, however, should not be seen as the be all and end all of what homeowners and residents want (or nor want), but will be used as guidance when considering the introduction of possible amenities in the future. A process of consultation, furthermore, will be followed for matters in this regard.

The results were as follow: Community café: 71% in favour; more outdoor leisure facilities: 88% in favour; pump and mountain bike track: 82% in favour; pétanque courts: 66% in favour. Some other popular suggestions received were tennis courts, a dog park, a gym and a clubhouse.

In closing

Thank you for the positive responses received on our previous communication. Thank you, also, to each one making contact with us to ask questions, give input on estate matters, and even to complain about things they believe are not right. We truly appreciate such interaction as it serves the higher purposes of further improving what we have on Welgevonden Estate.

Kind regards

Gawie Marx

Estate Manager

15 October 2020

Below: Visuals of the proposed improvement of the dam.

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