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Welgevonden Christmas Carols 2022 – What a wonderful event it was!

We wish to convey a big thank you to all who were involved in organising and presenting Welgevonden Christmas Carols 2022 on 11 December this year.

A special thank you to Welgevonden Estate resident Karin Burger who initiated and organised this event in 2021, and again did so this year. You’ve done wonderful work that warmed the hearts of the Welgevonden Estate community, Karin. We appreciate your initiative, dedication and, especially, your hard work to make this possible!

Thank you, also, to the talented Warren Joubert and the band Zamar for their professional and outstanding performance, to all others who contributed towards the programme, and to SADIECOFFEE for adding a coffee aroma to the festivities!

We also thank Sancus Realty for sponsoring a large portion of the event. Please support their Sancus Shoebox initiative in support of the Heartlands Baby Sanctuary– more details available here.

A warm thank you also to Welgevonden Estate residents Christo en Wandi van Renen from IdoLife Photography for covering the event, free of charge, with their special photography talents!

Do enjoy the pictures below!


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