Welgevonden Estate’s visitor management system


Welgevonden Estate’s visitor management system has been fully operational since September 2018. Although the roll-out of the system went well, certain teething problems did occur as could be expected with any implementation of this magnitude. 

The aim of this communique is to highlight the main difficulties that some users are experiencing and to give guidance on how to deal with them.

A. Some residents are not able to pre-clear their visitors
This could be due to three reasons:


  • They haven’t downloaded the GLOPortal app that allows them to pre-clear visitors, or they’re not sure how to use the app.

Solution: Please click here for the required information.

  • They’ve downloaded the GLOPortal app, but are not registered on the database. (This applies especially to tenants on the estate.)

Solution: Please click here for the required information or contact the estate manager’s office (R44 entrance) for assistance.

  • For reasons of their own, they do not want to register on the GLOPortal database.

Solution: Nothing that estate management can do about it. 

B. Some residents are not sure how to pre-clear courier and delivery services doing deliveries to their homes  
Pre-clearing courier and delivery services is done in the same way as for other visitors. (Select the “Friend” option when asked if the person you are inviting is a contractor or a friend.)

However, there are instances where the situation relating to courier and delivery services differs from that of the normal visitor: 

  • The cellphone number of the driver is not known and the pre-clearance code can therefore not be sent to the driver.

Solution: Generate the PIN as if it is for yourself (use your own cellphone number) and send it to the courier or delivery service’s administrative office once you’ve received the PIN. They should then give it to their driver. (Note: The PIN does not have to appear on the driver’s cellphone. It can also be presented in print or handwritten format on, for example, the waybill or delivery note, as long as it is a valid code.)

  • The delivery is not for today, but scheduled in the near future.

Solution: The GLOPortal app makes provision for pre-clearing visitors for future dates.

  • The receiver doesn’t know when the delivery will take place or, even worse, is not aware of a delivery that’s on its way.

Solution: It can be safely assumed that the drivers of all courier and delivery services will have the cellphone number of the recipient on the waybill or delivery note. Should they arrive at Welgevonden Estate’s security entrance without pre-clearance, nothing stops them from phoning the recipient who can then send them a clearance code while they're waiting in the designated parking area.  (Note: Security personnel at the entrances to the estate will point this option out to drivers in such instances.)


C. Other   

  • Some residents complain that they’ve run out of airtime or that their cellphone batteries have gone dead and are therefore not able to pre-clear visitors.

Solution: Nothing that estate management can do about it. 

  • What about access for emergency services, for example ambulances?

Solution: The system provides for allowing emergency services. 


The implementation of the new visitor management system is a huge step forward to improve Welgevonden Estate’s security even further. For the first time proper record exists not only of visitors entering the estate, but especially where they are going to and who is responsible for them while they are on the estate.

Thank you for the positive way in which the new system had been accepted. Please feel free to contact the estate manager’s office on 021 889 5450 if you need more information.