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Welgevonden Estate, situated on the northern edge of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape and with easy access to both the R44 and R304 provincial roads, is a gated residential estate which comprises close to 1000 own title properties.


The estate’s location, layout and sizeable area which provide for ample well-maintained public open spaces, offer a tranquil setting conducive to an easy-going lifestyle. Advanced security systems and effective security procedures contribute towards an environment of safety, while the convenience of a shopping centre on the doorstep adds to the benefits of living here.


Welgevonden Estate’s legal status is that of a home owners’ association. The estate is managed by a full-time management team responsible for the estate’s day-to-day operational function, a managing agent responsible for financial services, and a duly elected and hands-on executive committee.



Welgevonden Estate shares in the benefit of a strong and stable Stellenbosch property market, with property on the estate affordable, compared to the rest of the town. At the same time Welgevonden Estate has, over the years, shown above-average property value growth rates, noticeably higher compared to the rest of the Stellenbosch property market.


Whether looking to buy property as a primary residence, or as an investment, the attractiveness of owning real estate in this popular neighbourhood has now reached a stage where the demand often exceeds the supply.


But property value is merely a part of the Welgevonden Estate experience. When it comes to what Welgevonden residents cherish most, then it certainly is the lifestyle that the development offers.


Expect a friendly welcome from security personnel upon entering the estate. Delight in seeing young families with their children in the parks, couples sipping a glass of wine over a picnic at sunset, caregivers with toddlers in prams on their way to the play area to meet with their counterparts while observing the children at play, and fitness fans jogging the stress of their workday away, with dog owners walking their dogs not far behind.


Absorb the invigorating experience of a sunrise over the Boland mountains as you leave for work and stand amazed as you watch the ongoing changing kaleidoscope of colours as the sun sets at the end of the day. Savour the quiet ambience that nature daily brings to the estate, and appreciate the remarkable seasonal changes that only this part of the world can offer.    


But lifestyle only offers a description of an overall picture. In the end it is the people who make Welgevonden Estate real and who give the estate the warm and comforting character it has become renowned for. This is reflected in a community that supports and contributes towards the Welgevonden values, a community that cares, and a community that wouldn’t hesitate to reach out when someone is in need, whether it’s for a major cause which requires effort, or for a trifling personal matter made known via social media late at night.


Welgevonden Estate is about a lifestyle. But, more so, it’s about the Welgevonden people.


"Come home to our exceptional way of life"

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