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Register a household employee for access to Welgevonden Estate

The following registration procedure applies for those employed by private households (domestic workers, gardeners, au pairs, caregivers, etc.) to gain access to Welgevonden Estate:


Registering for the first time


The employer completes and signs a registration form (obtainable from the administrative office at the R44 entrance) which the employee presents to the security administrative office at the R304 entrance, together with the employee’s ID and a R20 annual registration fee. (Employers do not necessarily have to accompany their employees.) The employee will be registered on the estate’s biometric (fingerprint) system and issued with an estate ID card. This registration is valid for a period of three months, after which the biometric registration will expire.


Renewal at the end of three months

Employers follow the same procedure as above, but do not have to pay the R20 registration fee if the original registration took place in the same calendar year. The annual registration fee is, however, again payable for renewals in the following calendar year.



Until registration had been completed, employers may allow their employees access to the estate by providing them with PIN access codes via the estate’s GLOVisitor app. Employees will be allowed access upon presentation of their personal IDs and the valid PIN.

Register a contractor for access to Welgevonden Estate

Contractors performing on-site work that extends beyond three days must be registered - Contact the administration office for more details. (Please see the "Contact Us" section for contact details and office hours).

Register as a new Welgevonden Estate resident

All Welgevonden residents  are required to register at the biometric registration office at the R304 (please see the 'Contact Us' section for their contact details) for easy access to the estate. Please take the following along:


If you are a tenant


  • Your lease agreement (your name must appear on the agreement) OR a letter of the registered owner of the property or an Estate Agent that provides permission for you to stay at the property.

  • A valid ID, passport or driver's licence.

  • R50,00 for the registration fee.

  • A completed resident application form (you can download this below).


If you are an owner or reside with an owner in the same property:

  • The details of property owners can be accessed from the biometric registration office.

  •  The property owner must either be present when family members or other members of the household report to register, or those who register must have a signed letter from the property owner which states that the applicant also resides at the property.

  • A valid ID, passport or driver's licence.

  • R50,00 for the registration fee

  • A completed resident application form (you can download this below)


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