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A special event just around the corner - Welgevonden Christmas Carols!

This year’s Welgevonden Christmas Carols event will be taking place at the coffee kiosk in Welgevonden Estate on Sunday 11 December 2022, starting at 15:00.

This is a family-friendly event for Welgevonden Estate residents – all ages welcome! Please bring your own picnic blanket, snacks and drinks.

Come and enjoy live entertainment, sing Christmas carols along with fellow residents, and be on the lookout for Santa who will be visiting during the event to hand out gifts to the children! (Parents can drop their children's gifts off at 4 Chestnut Lane, Welgevonden Estate, on or before 10 December, latest the morning of 11 December. Santa will be collecting the gifts from there.)

A big thank you to Karin Burger who organised this event in 2021, and is again doing so this year. We appreciate your initiative, dedication and hard work!

A special thanks also to Sancus Realty for sponsoring a portion of the event! Please support their Sancus Shoebox initiative – more detail here:

(Pictures on this page were taken at the 2021 event by David Papenfus Photography, Stellenbosch.)


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