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Accredited estate agencies and estate agents: Welgevonden Estate

Dear Owners and Residents

Excom recently introduced the option for estate agencies and their estate agents to apply for accreditation with the WHOA, based on certain criteria.

The purpose of accreditation is to establish a two-way network of communication between the WHOA and the approved estate agencies to improve communication regarding matters of shared interest. It also serves as a forum to ensure estate agents are aware of, and understand, the WHOA requirements and obligations regarding property ownership and/or rental agreements for prospective tenants. The intention is to create a standardized approach to estate agent activity within the estate, while ensuring the rules and regulations of the WHOA are met and the rights of buyers and sellers maintained.

Accredited agencies

We would like to introduce to you the estate agencies that have been approved for 2021:

  • For selling and rentals:

  • Irma Knipe Properties

  • Leapfrog Stellenbosch

  • Pam Golding Properties Stellenbosch

  • Seeff Stellenbosch

  • For rentals only:

  • Chardonnay Rentals

  • Evergold Properties

Advantages for sellers and landlords

Using an approved estate agency/agent offers peace of mind, knowing that the selling or rental process will be in line with Welgevonden Estate’s requirements, and that the necessary conditions for issuing clearance certificates for transfer of ownership are well known before marketing of the property starts. This will prevent unnecessary delays later before transfer of ownership can take place.

It is, however, not compulsory to use these approved estate agencies if you want to sell or let your property. You can choose any agency or agent of your choice.

Dynamic interaction

We foresee that the accreditation of estate agents will lead to an improved flow of information to homeowners on property matters. This will be in support of one of the goals, namely to optimize the value proposition offered to home owners as to ensure the value of properties in the estate are protected and enhanced, while maintaining integrity, goodwill and good faith.

Our future planning includes “property open days”, hosted by the approved agencies, during which your specific property-related matters could be discussed with individual agents.

We look forward to a rewarding relationship between the approved agencies and all stakeholders. Please give them the opportunity to be of service to you, whether you are selling or letting your home, or wanting professional advice on matters that may affect the value of your property.

Best regards

Gawie Marx

Estate Manager

8 April 2021


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