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Estate manager's newsletter: June 2021

Dear Homeowners and Residents

Is it only me, or do you also experience time passing by so swiftly that it’s hard to stay abreast? With winter, for me, arriving rather unexpectedly, I trust that you are safe and keeping warm. May you enjoy winter as only the Boland region can bring, and the heart-warming specialness that nature in our own neighbourhood has to offer during this season.

This newsletter contains information on the following:

  • A new Welgevonden Estate logo

  • Boreholes and irrigation

  • The Stellenbosch Municipality Zoning Scheme By-Law 2019

  • Maintaining the appearance of individual properties

  • Speed-awareness measures

  • Takeaway coffee!

New Welgevonden Estate logo

We are excited to introduce Welgevonden Estate’s new logo! The existing one has been with us for more than 20 years, and the time is certainly right for a more modern look and feel for Welgevonden Estate’s corporate image. Please click here to learn more about the approach during the design phase, and what the new logo symbolizes.

We’ll be phasing in the new logo over the next three months, which will include the replacement of faded notices on the estate.

But there’s more!

Xone Security will soon be upgrading the uniforms of their security personnel. This is to move away from the “guarding” appearance the current uniform reflects. The new uniform will also match up with the updated Welgevonden Estate corporate identity which will further enhance the welcoming feel at the estate’s entrances for residents and visitors alike.

Boreholes and irrigation

A proposal was accepted at the 2018 AGM to investigate the feasibility of sinking boreholes on Welgevonden Estate to supply irrigation water for the estate’s communal gardens and public open areas. Based on this, service providers specialising in irrigation recently did a detailed audit to determine the availability of underground water, and the functionality of the existing irrigation system.

The results were as follows:

  • Sufficient underground water at a realistically reachable level is available to sink two boreholes. The water supply from this source will be sufficient to irrigate all the required green and open areas in an 18-hour cycle.

  • The current irrigation infrastructure dates back to when Welgevonden Estate was originally developed. It is old and not functional anymore as far as the hardware goes, and only installed in certain areas on the estate. It requires a major upgrade and expansion.

Excom has approved and recommends the sinking of the boreholes and the installation of a new irrigation infrastructure. In doing so, the use of borehole water will ensure the upkeep of the estate’s communal gardens and green areas during the summer months – something which is currently done with the limited use of municipal water. Using potable water for this purpose, however, is not environmentally friendly, financially viable or sustainable.

The AGM minutes of 2018 stipulated that feedback must be given to WHOA members at a special general meeting before proceeding with this project. Excom will therefore be scheduling such a meeting to give detailed feedback, including the foreseen costs, and to ask for a decision to go ahead with the project. More detail will follow soon.

Implementing the Stellenbosch Municipality Zoning Scheme By-Law 2019

In February this year we’ve sent information to all homeowners regarding the Stellenbosch Municipality Zoning Scheme By-Law 2019. Amongst others, it was mentioned that the WHOA will consider granting permission for “home lodging” as an additional use, apart from using individual residential properties on the estate as a “single dwelling house”. Information in this regard will be sent out separately.

Keeping up the appearance of individual properties

Over the past few months we’ve given special attention to the following stipulations in the estate’s architectural directives and design guidelines during our weekly inspections of the appearance of properties on the estate:

  • Exterior wall painting and colours

  • Maintenance of roofs

  • Compliance of boundary walls

  • Screening of air conditioner units that are visible from the street

  • Garden maintenance

It is clear that the vast majority of owners do take the upkeep of their properties seriously. Thank you for that! Thank you also to those who have responded in a positive manner when certain deviations or breaches on properties were pointed out. We appreciate your understanding!

Ultimately the architectural directives and design guidelines seek to protect the value of our properties and to set the standards for a quality lifestyle. Let’s keep up with the good work in this regard!

Speed awareness measures

We’ll soon be installing two LED electronic speed limit signs – also known as driver feedback signs – to bring to the attention of motorists the speed limit on Welgevonden Estate, and to alert them of the speed at which they are travelling. These signs will be positioned at appropriate locations soon after entering Welgevonden Estate from any of the two entrances, and will serve to reduce speeding and improve road safety on the estate’s streets.

We’ll also be adding speed humps in areas where speeding is still an issue. These will serve to maintain traffic safety, allow for a smooth flow of vehicles, and prevent excessive speeding which endangers pedestrians and minors.

Coffee time!

Be on the lookout for a coffee trailer with takeaway coffee and other refreshments which will be available soon! The kiosk will be at the parking area in Welgevonden Boulevard opposite the triangular green area after entering the estate via the R44 entrance. The facility, which will be operated by Dawied Viljoen from the Stellenbrew Coffee Bar, will be in operation for a trial period of around six weeks to determine the demand and feasibility of the offering. The kiosk will be branded to fit in with Welgevonden Estate’s surroundings.

We look forward to your response to this initiative!

In conclusion

As an open and ongoing invitation, we invite all homeowners and residents to contact the estate’s administrative office should you want to bring to our attention any queries, things you are concerned (or pleased!) about, or suggestions you want to make to further improve Welgevonden Estate.

Knock on our door to speak to us, or contact us as follows:

Best regards

Gawie Marx

Estate Manager

3 June 2021


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