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Special newsletter: 15 September 2022

Dear Homeowners and Residents

This special newsletter covers the following topics:

  • Temporary closure of sections of the R44 entrance

  • Re-programming of electricity pre-paid meters

  • Procedure for the approval of building plans

Temporary closure of sections of the R44 entrance

Civil works in Hendrikse Street to establish the municipal water connection from the reservoir in Cloetesville with the Voliere Estate development is underway. The project will affect the movement of traffic via the R44 entrance to and from Welgevonden Estate from Monday 19 – Monday 26 September 2022, with only one entrance and one exit lane operational at any time.

Due to this, we foresee traffic congestion at the R44 entrance throughout the day, and considerable delays at the entrance and exit booms.

We therefore strongly recommend that residents, their visitors and those who do deliveries to their homes use the R304 entrance to Welgevonden Estate during this time. Please also allow for delays that could occur due to this redirection of traffic. Only use the R44 entrance in case of an emergency.

Stellenbosch Municipality: Re-programming of electricity pre-paid meters

Employees from Karebo (Pty) Ltd – an approved Stellenbosch Municipality service provider – will be visiting Welgevonden Estate households from Monday 19 September 2022 onwards to inspect and re-programme, where applicable, existing electricity pre-paid meters. This is a continuation of a programme that the municipality launched in 2021. Meter details and condition, as well as the address details of the location of each meter will be captured during these visits.

Please only allow authorised Karebo members of staff who will be carrying official identification cards to enter your premises.

Procedure for the approval of building plans

The constitution of the Welgevonden Home Owners’ Association (WHOA) stipulates that an owner must submit building plans for any building and/or construction-related work on her or his erf on Welgevonden Estate to Excom for examination and approval, prior to submitting such plans to the Stellenbosch Municipality for their approval. The aim of this examination is to ensure that the architectural directives and design guidelines for Welgevonden Estate are complied with.

Please click here to read the detail of the procedure in this regard.

Best regards

Gawie Marx

Estate Manager

15 September 2022


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