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Traffic disruption at R44 entrance: 19 – 26 September 2022

The movement of traffic via the R44 entrance to and from Welgevonden Estate will be disrupted from Monday 19 – Monday 26 September 2022, with only one entrance and one exit lane operational at any time. This is due to civil works in Hendrikse Street to establish the municipal water connection from the reservoir in Cloetesville with the Voliere Estate development.

Traffic congestion at the R44 entrance will occur throughout the day, with considerable delays foreseen at the entrance and exit booms.

We strongly recommend that residents, their visitors and those who do deliveries to their homes use the R304 entrance to Welgevonden Estate during this time. Please also allow for delays that could occur due to this redirection of traffic. Only use the R44 entrance in case of an emergency.


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