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Welgevonden Estate: Estate manager’s newsletter: 12 October 2021

Dear Homeowners and Residents

Celebrated actor Robin Williams once said: “Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!’”

Williams might just as well have had Welgevonden Estate in mind when he said this. With the wonder of spring well underway right here in our midst, it is clear that nature is not holding back on its festivities!

Garden-of-the-Year Competition 2021

There certainly is no better time for the annual Welgevonden Estate Garden-of-the-Year Competition than in spring! Entries for this competition will be open from Monday 25 October until Friday 29 October 2021. Judging takes take place on 1 and 2 November, with prize winners announced on 4 November.

Four prizes – sponsored by Leapfrog Properties Stellenbosch – are at stake: First prize Garden-of-the-Year 2021, Runner-up Garden-of-the-Year 2021, a prize for the most water-wise indigenous garden, and a prize for the best newly-established garden!

Please click here to download the entry form. Once completed, submit your entry to the Welgevonden Estate administrative office via e-mail ( or hand-deliver it to the office located at the R44 entrance.

New signage

Although not part of spring, but still in line with the renewal that this season brings, residents will notice a fresh, new look on the signage on the estate. Faded signage is being replaced, updated with the estate’s new corporate look. At the same time we are looking at replacing the existing street name boards which, after many years, have now come to the end of their lifespan.

A big thank you to the Stellenbosch Municipality, whose maintenance teams recently spent time on the estate, for the work they’re doing to maintain the estate’s street surfaces and road markings, as well as the storm water drainage system. We appreciate the service that you render to us!

Property maintenance

While on the topic of maintenance and with summer ahead, the next six months certainly is a good time to do building maintenance to enhance the value of your property. Those who require information and advice on the approved paint colours, or the specifications of the Architectural Directives and Design Guidelines as far as building appearances go, are welcome to contact the estate’s administrative office in this regard.

Please ensure you obtain WHOA approval if you’re planning new building work, alterations to existing structures, or adding paving to your property.

Maintenance of properties and streetscapes

Owners and residents are reminded about their responsibility to maintain their properties up to the street boundary. This includes maintenance at their cost of any trees planted on the pavement areas between their properties and the street. This responsibility is governed by Rule 14 of the Estate Rules, of which the applicable parts read as follows:

  • 14.2 A garden and the area between the street boundary line of an erf and the kerb must always be kept in a neat and tidy state, free of rubble, refuse, litter, other material, and unwanted articles to the satisfaction of Excom.

  • 14.3 Trees, shrubs, or plants in a garden or in the area between the street boundary line of an erf and the kerb must regularly, and when Excom in a particular instance so instructs, be pruned back so that they will not impede vehicular or pedestrian traffic or pose a safety hazard.

Art Walk

Ria Bennet, owner of No 6 Fynbos Street, is keen to initiate an ‘’Art Walk’’ in Welgevonden Estate. This initiative comprises artists over a wide spectrum of arts and crafts who live in Welgevonden Estate, displaying their art at their houses once a month for fellow residents to view. Ria will act as coordinator for the initiative. For more information, please contact her on 083 444 9689.

Update: Development of the dam area

In an earlier newsletter we’ve indicated that the plans for developing the dam area have been submitted to the Stellenbosch Municipality. The application is currently under review according to the municipality’s internal procedures. Work on the project will start as soon as approval has been granted, and will run over a period of two financial years.

Domestic animals on the estate

The details that govern the keeping of pets on Welgevonden Estate are clearly set out in Rule 20 of the WHOA Estate Rules. These include, amongst other, that a pet must wear a collar fitted with a tag indicating the contact details of its owner, that pets must be neutered and spayed, and that the excrement of a pet must be removed immediately when it is deposited on a communal facility or another erf.

It must be noted that, because of the densely populated layout of Welgevonden Estate, the uncontrolled increase of domestic animals – with specific reference to cats – can easily become a huge problem for all residents. Already there is a concern about stray cats, of which some may not be spayed, on the estate. If not contained, this would lead to long-term problems.

We request residents who are aware of the whereabouts of stray cats, to report this to the estate’s administrative office. We will, in conjunction with Animal Welfare, take the required steps to have them removed.

AGM 2021

The Annual General Meeting 2021 will take place on Monday 29 November 2021. Please diarise the date. More information, in line with the requirements of the WHOA Constitution, will be communicated closer to the time.

Best regards

Gawie Marx

Estate Manager

12 October 2021


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