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Welgevonden Estate: Estate manager’s newsletter: 20 January 2022

Dear Welgevonden Homeowners and Residents

Italian novelist and poet, Cesare Pavese, is known for having said, amongst others: “We do not remember days, we remember moments.”

At the start of this new year my wish for us as Welgevonden Estate community, and for each individual person who lives here, is that 2022 will be a special year filled with ongoing wonderful and unforgettable moments.

The past holiday season

Thank you to all who have contributed to a relaxed and enjoyable festive season on Welgevonden Estate. This includes our security personnel who continued to ensure a safe environment, with no security-related incidents having been reported, and those residents who took the time to add a special touch by decorating your homes and gardens to reflect the spirit of the festive season.

A sincere thank you also to estate resident Karin Meyer who arranged an exceptional Carols by Candlelight event on 11 December last year, and to all who took part or helped to make the event such a success. The programme included vocal performances by individual Welgevonden Estate residents, singing of carols along with instrumental accompaniment, as well as Santa Claus handing out gifts to the children. The event created a special moment in time during which the Welgevonden Estate residents were able to pause for a while to enjoy the goodwill of Christmas in the company of fellow estate homeowners and residents. (Please click here to see more photographs of the event.)

Carols by Candlelight, December 2021

(Picture: David Papenfus Photographer)

Reviewing of rules

A resolution was adopted at the WHOA AGM that was held in November last year for Excom to review the rules pertaining to the keeping of pets, and measures to control stray domestic animals on Welgevonden Estate. This will be discussed on 26 January 2022 during the first meeting of the newly elected executive committee. It is foreseen that a sub-committee will be formed to investigate best practices in this regard, and to make recommendations to be considered and approved by Excom.

As far as rules go, dog owners are urged to ensure proper control over their dogs and that they are leashed when outside of their properties. We had two incidents this month where unleashed dogs attacked other dogs that were on leashes. In one instance the owner of the leashed dog was bitten by the two attacking dogs, and had to receive medical treatment when she tried to protect her own dog during the attack.

Please take the estate rule that dogs in public open spaces must be leashed seriously. Also, do pick up your dog’s poop when walking it on the estate’s public open spaces. Not only is this an estate rule, but it is the right thing to do in a built-up environment such as Welgevonden Estate.

Conduct and safety at the Welgevonden dam

While on the topic of public open spaces, please take note that liquor and other intoxicating substances are not allowed at the dam and the area surrounding the dam, or on any of the open green areas of Welgevonden Estate. This rule is in line with the general practice in South Africa that alcohol may not be consumed in public, unless the supplier of the alcohol has a license to allow people do so.

Furthermore, dogs are not allowed to swim in the dam, and must be leashed when at the dam area.

We wish to reiterate that swimming in the dam is not advised, and that using the dam for swimming, rowing, and any other recreational activity will be at own risk. We are, especially, concerned about children often seen floating on swimming pool lilos far away from the edge of the water. The Welgevonden dam is deep, and with no life guards on duty, it could prove fatal if a child getting in trouble on the water goes unnoticed or cannot be reached in time. In this regard we wish to point out that minors must always be under adult supervision when in the dam and in the area surrounding the dam.

Progress: Development of the dam area

We reported in an earlier newsletter that the plans for improving the dam as a recreational area, together with the positive outcome of an environmental impact study that relate to the proposed development, were submitted the Stellenbosch Municipality. The submission is now with the Department of Water and Sanitation for review and approval. Once this approval has been received, the Stellenbosch Municipality will be able to sign the proposed project off so that work can begin.

Artist's impression of the proposed upgrading of the Welgevonden dam

Limited public parking space

The reality of Welgevonden Estate is that it provides for limited public parking space. We therefore urge residents to only park on your erven and to keep public parking open for visitors.

Information about Welgevonden Estate

We often find that homeowners start projects to do structural improvements on their properties, but that they are not aware of the estate’s requirements in this regard. For all building renovations or extensions to properties – whether it entails major building work, installing a swimming pool, or merely putting up a boundary wall or laying paving – building plans must be submitted, and the WHOA must first approve all building plans prior to owners submitting the plans to the Stellenbosch Municipality for their review and approval.

The above is just one example of those who own properties or reside on the estate often not being aware of the inner systems and control measures of Welgevonden Estate, and what is required of them.

Therefore, please take note of the estate’s requirements before starting projects of the above or any other nature. Information is available from the Welgevonden Estate administrative office, and also on the Welgevonden Estate website ( On it you will find “how to” guides, application forms, and official WHOA documentation such as its constitution, rules, architectural directives and design guidelines.

Accredited estate agencies: Welgevonden Estate

We remind Welgevonden Estate homeowners that a number of established estate agencies, together with their estate agents who are qualified in their field, are accredited with the WHOA. We encourage homeowners to approach them when you want to sell or rent out your house. Using them offers peace of mind, knowing that the selling or rental process will be in line with all of Welgevonden Estate's requirements.

These agencies and their agents have quarterly meetings with estate management to ensure they are up to date with the requirements of, and comply with, the relevant WHOA rules and Stellenbosch Municipality bylaws. They are committed to be a part of the success of Welgevonden Estate which, ultimately, translates into an improved return on investment for homeowners as they act in your best interest when representing you.

Please click here for more information and their contact details.

Best regards

Gawie Marx

Estate Manager

20 January 2022

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