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Welgevonden Estate: Estate manager’s newsletter: 5 August 2021

Dear Homeowners and Residents

Although winter is not over yet, the beautiful days we’re experiencing right now serve to remind us that spring is on its way! We look forward to the new season and to enjoying the beauty of the natural surroundings of our estate. We certainly are fortunate to be living in this part of the world!

Location of the fence on the eastern side of the estate

At the time of the erection of the security fence on the eastern boundary of Welgevonden Estate between the estate and the neighbouring property towards the R44, a temporary arrangement was made with the owners of that land regarding the placement of the fence along the Fynbos channel and further north. This allowed the WHOA to place the fence on the neighbouring property (remainder of the farm Patrysen Valley No. 85) until such time as the development of that land starts to take place.

Voliere Development Company – the owners and developers of the land mentioned above – has now informed the WHOA that, following a recent survey done by a land surveyor, certain rectifications are required as far as the boundary fence goes. These are as follows:

  • Certain sections of the fence must be placed along the correct boundary line.

  • The pump house located directly below the Welgevonden dam wall on the south-eastern corner of Welgevonden Estate and currently on the outside of the fence, must be included to be within Welgevonden Estate.

  • The green area located between the back of the Vygie Street properties and the Fynbos channel is part of their property, and its current location within the estate’s boundary fence must be rectified.

The WHOA has now entered into an agreement with Voliere Development Company whereby Welgevonden Estate has been allocated a four meter servitude on their, the neighbouring property, along the Fynbos channel. This means that in most areas along the channel, the fence will remain as is, but with certain sections to be slightly adjusted.

Work to rectify the above will start by mid-August 2021. More detail about the above, as well as other matters that relate to this specific section of the fence, have been communicated with the affected homeowners.

A celebration of gardens, flora … and people!

It’s time to prepare for the Welgevonden Estate Garden-of-the-Year Competition 2021! This competition aims to reward Welgevonden Estate residents who make a difference in their neighbourhood by taking pride in their gardens.

Gardeners can make the most of the season’s rain by planting and pruning their gardens from now until October when adjudication will take place. Gardens will be adjudicated on overall design and layout, general upkeep and maintenance, as well as interesting features that make your garden stand out from the rest.

Entries will be open from Monday 25 October until Friday 29 October 2021. Judging will take place on 1 and 2 November, with prize winners announced on 4 November. Three prizes are at stake – first prize Garden-of-the-Year 2021, runner-up prize Garden-of-the-Year 2021, and a prize for the most water-wise indigenous garden. More information will follow.

Progress: Development of the dam area

Plans for developing the dam area have been submitted to the Stellenbosch Municipality. Work on the project will start as soon as approval has been granted, and will run over a period of two financial years.

More information will be made available once we’ve received the go-ahead.

At the same time we are excited about the good rainfall we’ve had during winter and the dramatic improvement in the dam’s water level as a result!

Artist impression of the proposed development

Domestic animals

A recent incident on a communal area where a dog on a leash was attacked by one without a leash, again emphasises the fact that, in terms of the estate rules, dogs may not roam the estate, and must at all times be tended and kept on leash when not on the erf of their owners.

We urge residents to adhere to this rule, irrespective of how you feel about it, or to what extent you believe your dog will not attack another dog or, for that matter, an adult person or a child.

At the same time we highlight the following from the estate rules:

  • No more than two dogs and two cats may be kept on any one erf without the written permission of Excom, and on such conditions as it determines.

  • A pet must wear a collar fitted with a tag indicating the contact details of its owner. (Note: Even though a pet may be tagged electronically, the contact details of the owner must still be visible on the collar. This prevents having to first take an electronically tagged animal to a facility where the owner’s details can be identified in order to find out who the animal belongs to. Saving time in this way during an emergency could be of utmost importance.)

  • A pet may not be allowed to create a nuisance or cause a disturbance to residents in the Estate.

  • The excrement of a pet deposited inside the erf on which it is kept must be removed at least once a day, and must be removed immediately when it is deposited on a communal facility or another erf.

Building and renovations

When planning building renovations or extensions to your property, please keep in mind that the final approval of all building plans ultimately vests in the Stellenbosch Municipality.

The procedure to be followed when submitting building plans for approval is as follows (more details are available in the Welgevonden Estate Architectural Directives and Design Guidelines):

  • Building plans must adhere to the abovementioned architectural directives and design guidelines.

  • Building plans must be submitted to the Welgevonden Estate administration office to be approved by the Welgevonden Estate Aesthetic Committee, prior to submission to the Stellenbosch Municipality.

  • Site preparation and building work may only start after:

  • the WHOA and the Stellenbosch Municipality have approved the building plans;

  • a copy of the approved plan from Stellenbosch Municipality has been submitted to the estate office;

  • completion of the prescribed Compliance Agreement, available at the estate administration office; and

  • a scrutiny fee and building deposit have been paid to the WHOA.

Zoning scheme

In terms of the Stellenbosch Municipality Zoning Scheme By-Law 2019 which was implemented on 1 November 2019, all residential properties within Welgevonden Estate are zoned as Conventional Residential zone.

In terms of the above and with reference to a communication from estate management in this regard dated 3 February 2021 – and with more detail provided in a communication dated 17 June 2021 – the WHOA has decided that:

  • No member may, as from the date of the above notification – 3 February 2021 – conclude an agreement of lease which will have the effect that such member’s property will be leased to more than two unrelated and independent persons for any period of time after 31 December 2021.

  • Members who conclude agreements of lease in contravention of the above will be in breach of the Estate Rules and will be sanctioned in accordance with the breach provisions of the Estate Rules.

  • Any person occupying a property in contravention of the By-Law as from 1 January 2022 will not only be in breach of the Estate Rules and, as such, subject to the breach provisions as set out in the Estate Rules, but will also be refused biometric access into Welgevonden Estate.

With the end of the year not too far off, and with rental agreements generally concluded during the months to come, those who rent out their properties are again reminded of the above.

Best regards

Gawie Marx

Estate Manager

5 August 2021


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