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Welgevonden Estate: Estate manager’s newsletter: 9 November 2021

Dear Homeowners and Residents

“Summer is in the air! It feels as if there is a new sense of vitality and enthusiasm everywhere around us. It is also no different at Welgevonden Estate!”

The above message recently reached the desk of the estate manager. Even though we do not know who the author was, we can only agree with the person who penned these true words!

And the winners are…

We received 21 entries for this year’s Welgevonden Estate Garden-of-the-Year Competition, and the adjudicators had the privilege of visiting and enjoying some of the best-attended gardens one can think of!

Thank you to those who entered in the competition and for the high standards you’ve set. You made it such a pleasure and, at the same time, extremely difficult for the adjudicators to perform their task! In the Garden-of-the-Year category, for example, the scores between the top three gardens were so close that we had to focus on and evaluate even the finest detail to make sure we come to a fair conclusion.

The winners of this year’s Welgevonden Estate Garden-of-the-Year Competition – sponsored by Leapfrog Properties Stellenbosch – are as follows:

  • Best newly-established garden (prize: R1000): 59 Fynbos Street (Mr. and Mrs. Franken)

  • Most water-wise indigenous garden (prize: R1000): 32 Belladonna Street (Mrs. Ester Beetge)

  • Runner-up Garden-of-the-Year 2021 (prize: R1000): 13 Wildeklawer Street (Ms. Annalene de Beer)

  • Garden-of-the-Year 2021 (prize: R3000): 1 Gousblom Street (Mrs. Marita Nigrini)

Well done to everyone – winners and participants alike! At the same time, a big thank you to Leapfrog Properties Stellenbosch for sponsoring the prizes for this wonderful competition!

Best newly-established garden

Most water-wise indigenous garden

Runner-up Garden-of-the-Year 2021

Garden-of-the-Year 2021

Art Walk

Thank you to all the Welgevonden Estate artists who opened up their homes and galleries on 5 November for residents to view their art and handcraft. Well done to Ria Bennett for your initiative to establish Welgevonden Estate’s own, and rather unique, monthly Art Walk.

New tenants and property rental contracts

End of year is typically the time when new property rental agreements are put in place on Welgevonden Estate. We kindly request landlords and rental agents to adhere to the following when you enter into new contracts, or renew existing contracts:

  • Please ensure that all rental agreements – whether new or renewed – are completed with all the required details, and are duly signed by all parties concerned. This helps to expedite the registration of new tenants on the Welgevonden Estate database and biometric access control system. It also prevents unnecessary delays, as those who arrive at the admin office in person to register, but having incomplete rental agreements, have to go back to update their rental agreements if it was not completed correctly the first time around.

  • Please send copies of these contacts through to the estate’s administrative office as soon as they are available. This will allow estate management to prepare the registration administration even before the new tenants arrive.

Building and renovations

From the number of building and home renovation activities currently taking place on Welgevonden Estate, it is clear that owners and tenants are keen to make the most of their properties, and to maintain it as to secure its investment value. Thank you for contributing to Welgevonden Estate’s appearance in this way.

Please remember that all building renovations or extensions to your property – whether it entails major building work, installing a swimming pool, or merely putting up a boundary wall – require that building plans are submitted.

As the appearance of all homes on Welgevonden Estate must comply with the provisos of the Welgevonden Estate Architectural Directives and Design Guidelines, it is imperative that the WHOA must first approve all building plans – based on these guidelines – prior to owners submitting them to the Stellenbosch Municipality for their review and approval.

Site preparation and building work may only start after the WHOA and the Stellenbosch Municipality have approved the building plans, a copy of the approved plans from Stellenbosch Municipality has been submitted to the estate office, the prescribed Compliance Agreement has been completed, and a scrutiny fee and building deposit has been paid to the WHOA.

Please note: Excom will not consider applications for deviation or changes to properties if the submitted plans are not in accordance with the WHOA directives and Stellenbosch Municipality’s requirements.

New signage

As pointed out in an earlier newsletter, estate management has embarked on a project to renew Welgevonden Estate’s general appearance. In this regard we have started to paint the more than 300 lamp posts on the estate. We’re also replacing the existing, faded signage to reflect the estate’s new corporate look.

Stellenbrew Coffee Bar – a new location!

Stellenbrew Coffee Bar – our delightful take-away coffee vendor – has been a huge success since its onset. Excom has therefore decided to provide more presence to the facility and make the Welgevonden Coffee Café more permanent. Activities to prepare for the new location at the top end of erf 14214 (the triangular green section) have started, and should be completed within a week or two. The area will be enhanced with soft landscaping, including scrubs and trees, so that it blends in with the aesthetics of the estate. Tables will also be available where residents can enjoy a coffee, a small bite to eat, and a moment to catch up with a friend or neighbour!

New location for Stellenbrew Coffee Bar being prepared

Proud performers

Congratulations to Xone Security supervisor Haneline Hendricks and officer Kwanele Sopili who were respectively nominated Xone Supervisor of the Month and Xone Employee of the Month for October 2021. We are proud to have such outstanding performers in our midst, and appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Haneline Hendricks, Gawie Marx (estate manager), Kwanele Sopili, and Johan de Wet (Xone site security manager)

AGM 2021

Notice for the Annual General Meeting 2021, which will take place on Monday 29 November 2021, was sent out on 8 November. We appeal to members to attend the meeting for the benefit of the WHOA membership and in the interest of the sound governance of Welgevonden Estate.

Best regards

Gawie Marx

Estate Manager

9 November 2021


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