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Welgevonden Estate: Estate Manager’s newsletter: December 2022

Dear Welgevonden Estate Homeowners and Residents

As we approach the end of 2022, we can look back over a successful year in which Excom and estate management, with the support of our service providers, have done significant work in managing and improving Welgevonden Estate.

At the same time, the remarkable way in which homeowners and residents supported us in our task made it a pleasure to be working for, and an honour to be a part of this exceptional community.

A tangible example of this support is the more than 60 trees that residents donated during National Arbor Week, and which were planted on the estate. Another highlight was the enthusiasm for the annual Garden-of-the-Year competition that took place recently. Of even greater magnitude are the unseen acts of kindness and care daily being exchanged between those who live here.

Thank you to each one of you for what you’ve done this year for the benefit of Welgevonden Estate, the Welgevonden people, and the Welgevonden way of live!

Into the future

The new year holds exciting developments for us as a community!

Firstly, the project to upgrade the Welgevonden dam for recreational use will commence early in 2023. This project, which was overwhelmingly sanctioned by the members at the WHOA AGM 2022, will now come to fruition after several years of planning, and an approval process. We look forward to the improved lifestyle that this facility will offer to residents, and to the value it will add to Welgevonden Estate properties.

But there’s more…

Planning for developing the Welgevonden Park – an integrated leisure and lifestyle facility on Welgevonden Estate – will also commence early in the new year. The application phase of this project, again approved by a large majority at the recent WHOA AGM, will start next year, with completion anticipated in 2025.

And last but foremost, the project to set up a new irrigation infrastructure on Welgevonden Estate’s public green areas is well under way. Already certain areas have the benefit of being irrigated with water from the borehole on the estate, with the rest of the system to be operational by February 2023.

Artist impression video: Welgevonden dam project

Artist impression video: Welgevonden Park project

A special event - Welgevonden Christmas Carols!

This year’s Welgevonden Christmas Carols will be taking place on the green area at the coffee kiosk on Welgevonden Estate on Sunday 11 December 2022, starting at 15:00.

This is a family-friendly event for Welgevonden Estate residents – all ages welcome! Please bring your own picnic blanket, snacks and drinks.

Come and enjoy live entertainment, sing Christmas carols along with fellow residents, and be on the lookout for Santa who will be arriving during the event to hand out gifts to the children! (Parents can drop their children's gifts off at 4 Chestnut Lane, Welgevonden Estate, on or before 10 December, latest the morning of 11 December. Santa will be collecting the gifts from there.)

A big thank you to Karin Burger who organised this event in 2021, and is again doing so this year. We appreciate your initiative, dedication and hard work!

A special thanks also to Sancus Realty for sponsoring a portion of the event! Please support their Sancus Shoebox initiative – for more detail, please click here.

Images of the 2021 Welgevonden Christmas Carols event. (Photographs: David Papenfus Photography)

Important dates: December 2022 / January 2023 holiday season

In the November 2022 newsletter we’ve given the details of Welgevonden Estate office closure and estate access arrangements for the 2022-’23 holiday season. Please click here to see a summary, in case you’ve missed the earlier announcement.

Please take note that SADIECOFFEE on Welgevonden Estate will close on Saturday 17 December 2022, and reopen on Wednesday 4 January 2023.

In closing

We wish all homeowners and residents a peaceful Christmas, a wonderful holiday season, and everything of the very best for 2023. Make the most of this special time of the year, and travel safely, should you be going on the road.

We look forward to again being of service to you in 2023!

Best regards

Gawie Marx

Estate Manager

8 December 2022


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