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Welgevonden Estate: Estate Manager’s newsletter: February 2024

Dear Welgevonden Estate Homeowners and Residents


Property maintenance

Based on recent communications from homeowners, it is apparent that there are some who question Excom’s responsibility, duties, and even motive to ensure that the upkeep of the external appearance of properties on Welgevonden Estate is kept in a state of good repair.

For their benefit, and also in the interest of all the new homeowners, there are two key binding instruments that give Excom a mandate – and a responsibility – to ensure that properties are maintained:

  • The Welgevonden Home Owners’ Association (WHOA) statutory documents, namely the WHOA Constitution, WHOA Estate Rules, WHOA Architectural Directives and Design Guidelines, and the WHOA Control Measures to Regulate the Performance of Services and Building Work. These statutory documents have all been ratified by the Stellenbosch Municipality.

  • A decision, taken at the WHOA AGM 2019 by the members, to ensure the stricter application of rules about the upkeep of houses and gardens.  

To these, the following can be added:

  • Ongoing complaints from homeowners and residents about neglected neighbouring houses that have a negative effect on the appearance of their immediate neighbourhood, and the marketability and value of their and surrounding properties.

  • A responsibility to position Welgevonden Estate in such a way that homeowners can collectively expect, and benefit from a growth in the values of Welgevonden Estate properties. Maintained houses and a well-kept estate landscape are essential to achieve this.

Excom has an obligation to abide by its official mandate, and to manage and impose prescribed penalties in instances where homeowners are in contravention of any provision of the statutory documents mentioned above.

A big thank you for the collective approval and support we get from the majority of WHOA members for this effort to improve the appearance of Welgevonden Estate. At the same time, we again invite homeowners who may require a reasonable extension for improving the external appearance of their properties, to discuss their requests with estate management.

Please click here to read a more detailed background on this matter. The document shows that Excom’s initiative is not a spur of the moment occurrence, that it unfolded over an extended timeframe, and that it was supported by an exceptional effort to create awareness and communicate the need for property maintenance.


Anybody requiring more details, are invited to contact estate management via e-mail at, or telephonically on 021 889 5450.

Estate irrigation during load shedding

We are pleased to announce that the electricity supply to the estate’s irrigation system now comes from one of the estate’s standby generators during periods of power outages. Being independent of the grid, the irrigation system is now programmed to irrigate at nighttime with less evaporation and improved soil penetration.

Social media and Welgevonden Estate

Privately administrated social media platforms that relate to Welgevonden Estate – for example, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp groups, and more – should take note that it is imperative that the admins of these platforms control what they allow to be published. It is equally important that users of these platforms carefully consider what content they create and publish, and what comments they make on a post. A first consideration should be whether the intended content would add value for the members of the group. Furthermore, would a response to a post or comment improve the overall content of the post and its thread, would it provide for more clarity, would it deliver value? If not, do not comment or post! Speculation, guessing, idle talk, or repeating old news only lead to disinformation, disorder, and intensified emotions, and could even result in legal action against guilty parties.


Pertaining to Welgevonden Estate, please refrain from discussing matters that relate to estate security – whether true or speculative – as such comments are made on public platforms which could jeopardize the estate’s security protocols. Also, avoid unproven, false and misleading remarks and content that may harm the good reputation of Welgevonden Estate. This includes random reference to Excom and those employed and contracted by the WHOA. Any wrongful content, allegations and comments could be seen as defamation of the good name of Welgevonden Estate, and appropriate steps could be taken to act against those responsible, which could also include the admins of these accounts, and the originators of posts where such comments were made.


In general, those who post on social media should consider the following:

  • Apply the billboard test. If you wouldn't publish your content on a giant billboard with your name, photograph, and other personal details included, then do not publish it on social media or, in fact, in digital format at all.

  • Ensure that what you say online is factually correct and can be substantiated.

  • Keep it legal by not posting content that is defamatory, racist, insulting, untrue, threatening, amounting to hate speech, invading someone's privacy, damaging the good reputation of someone, or which shares the personal information of others.

  • Know that you could face consequences if tagged in potentially abusive or defamatory posts, and that being tagged (even without commenting on a post) could implicate the person being tagged.

  • Remember that the screenshot is the devil! Don't be fooled into thinking that what is posted on a social media group will only be seen by the members of the group, as anyone in the group can take a screenshot of the content and share it with a wider audience, even when the functionality of sharing of posts have been deactivated.

  • Actively disassociate yourself from inappropriate content if you are aware of such content on a social media group, by either leaving the group, or voicing an objection on the group.



Excom and estate management have an open-door policy. Homeowners and residents are invited to discuss Welgevonden Estate-related matters with us, whether it is related to your property, or regarding the way in which Welgevonden Estate is managed. We would also welcome suggestions on new initiatives for or improvements on the estate.  


Best regards


Gawie Marx

Estate Manager

16 February 2024 



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