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Welgevonden Estate: Estate Manager’s newsletter: June 2023

Dear Welgevonden Estate Homeowners and Residents

Looking at the weather forecast, it seems we have even more rainy days ahead of us. Keep dry, stay warm, and drive with caution on the wet roads!

Appearance of properties and the streetscape

It is noticeable that many homeowners and residents are attending to the maintenance of their properties and the streetscape of their erven. The improvement over the past few months is remarkable, and we wish to acknowledge and say thank you for this effort!

In line with this, we also remind residents about the estate’s annual garden-of-the-year competition to be held in October this year. Apart from the standard categories in which residents can compete, this year’s competition will have a street-of-the-year category added to it. Now is the time to start activating the neighbourhood for this team effort!

Street numbers on refuse bins

To ease their workflow, municipal refuse removal teams often line refuse bins up at central points when the truck comes around for collection. This happens especially in the more confined areas on the estate. The result, however, is that empty bins can remain at these collection points for extended periods of time, should residents not return them to their properties after refuse removal. To identify the erven where such bins belong, becomes difficult if the bins are not clearly marked.

To resolve this, estate management will be making self-adhesive numbers available that residents can apply to their bins. These numbers will also help to make it easy for residents to identify their bins, and to create a uniform appearance throughout the estate. The numbers, which will be available complimentary, can be collected from the estate office at the R44 entrance from 26 June 2023 according to residents’ respective street numbers.

The numbering of refuse bins will be implemented during the remainder of June and during July, with all bins to have numbers on them from 1 August this year.


The limited parking bays on Welgevonden Estate’s public areas are set aside for bona fide visitors, and are not to be used by residents for parking. The WHOA Parking Control Measures make it clear that residents must park on their own erven, and in such a way that neighbours and other residents are not inconvenienced in any way.

There are, however, those who find it difficult to park on their erven due to various reasons. The responsibility to remedy this to allow for parking on an erf, lies with the homeowner concerned, and cannot be laid at the door of the WHOA.

The WHOA Parking Control Measures, however, make provision for residents who do not have sufficient parking on a property, to apply for a parking permit which will allow them to park on visitors parking bays. Please contact the estate office if you wish to apply for a parking permit. The cost is R300 per month.

For easy reference and for new residents, we wish to point out that, for good reasons, parking control measures were part of Welgevonden Estate since the onset of the development. The measures in its current form were conceptualised and published by Excom in 2015, with input from various external specialists, and with amendments made over the past years to ensure the measures keep pace with requirements on the estate.

Click here to view or download the WHOA Parking Control Measures.

Trimming of trees and shrubs overhanging into the streets

We, from time to time, receive enquiries from homeowners and residents about the trimming of overhanging trees and shrubs that block the view of traffic in the streets, especially on corner units.

Rule 14.3 of the WHOA Estate Rules specifies that the responsibility to maintain trees and shrubs as mentioned above lies with the homeowners. This includes trees, shrubs or plants in a gardenor in the area betweenthe street boundaryline of an erf and the kerb which must regularly, and when Excom in a particular instance so instructs, be pruned back so that they will not impede vehicular or pedestrian traffic or pose a safety hazard.

Entrance for contractors to Welgevonden Estate

Please remember that the R304 entrance to Welgevonden Estate is the only access point for contractors, bulk deliveries, furniture removal trucks, and similar wanting to enter or leave the estate. These vehicles are not allowed to use the R44 entrance. This is to prevent delays for normal traffic at the R44 entrance due to the time it takes for contractors and their workforce to comply with security procedures.

Please inform the contractors you may use timeously about this arrangement. This will prevent them from arriving at the R44 entrance, and then having to drive around to the R304 entrance, wasting time in doing so.

The above does not apply to courier services and motorcycle delivery services.

School holidays

Residents who are able to take a break during the school holiday, do enjoy the time spent with family and loved ones. Should you be travelling during this time, please do so safely.

Best regards

Gawie Marx

Estate Manager

15 June 2023


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