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Welgevonden Estate: Estate Manager’s newsletter: May 2024

Dear Welgevonden Estate Homeowners and Residents


There is always a certain kind of magic in the air this time of the year when autumn starts to make way for winter. On the one hand, nature is favouring us with mild and pleasant days as if to remind us of the summer gone by. At the same time, there is an expectation of what’s to come – an unhurried season for slowing down and consolidation amidst cold days and rainy nights.


And with Welgevonden Estate’s location amongst beautiful Boland mountains in the heart of the Cape Winelands, those who live here will agree that it would be appropriate to add “enjoying a glass of fine wine during cozy moments by the fireplace” to the above!

Little Kickers – pre-school soccer coaching

We are excited to announce that, with Excom’s approval, the local Little Kickers franchise will be offering soccer classes on Welgevonden Estate, tailored for children in four age groups ranging from 18 months to eight years. This opportunity to our community and available only to our residents, will be presented on the level area above the children’s play park at the top end of Welgevonden Estate’s main green belt.


Depending on interest shown, classes will be on Wednesdays from 15:00–17:00 and Saturdays from 09:00–11:00.


If you are interested in joining the Little Kickers pre-school soccer coaching, please send an e-mail to Dylan at, or a WhatsApp message to 071 199 1873 for preliminary registration, which closes on 13 May 2024. Following this and if enough interest is shown, the programme’s starting date will be communicated.


Little Kickers is a franchise with over 300 franchises in 32 countries. Their programmes are designed to deliver high-quality football skills, combined with important pre-school learning concepts such as colour and number recognition, sharing, following instructions, and using imagination. Please click here for more information on what they offer, and their pricing structure.


Cycling at the Welgevonden dam area

Please take note that cycling is not allowed at the Welgevonden dam area. This is to protect the pathway surfaces and ensure the safety of pedestrians and runners using the walkways around the dam. These pathways were designed to cater for residents enjoying a walk, jogging, or parents and caretakers with baby strollers, and are not wide enough to also allow for cyclists.


A bicycle/pump track where children and adults will be able to enjoy cycling unhindered and under safe conditions will form part of the Welgevonden Park project which is currently in its development stages.

Did you know?

Ever wondered about the ongoing routine activities to maintain and keep Welgevonden Estate in a good form? Here is a summary of these day-to-day activities for the month of April 2024.


Maintenance activities

  • New pedestrian gate installed at the R44 entrance

  • Cleaned the poort passages

  • Repaired stormwater drains

  • Repaired playpark equipment

  • Paving repaired in various areas

  • Daily tidying up of the green areas and around the dam

  • Streetlight maintenance and cable repairs

  • Street sign maintenance

  • Stormwater and sewerage inspections

  • Cleaned/cleared stormwater run-offs, grits, areas at generators, archways, refuse bins/areas, culvert, electricity kiosks, walkways, and the perimeter fence

  • Checked and emptied refuse bins in public areas, weekly picking up of dog excrement on green areas


Landscaping and gardens

  • Open area maintenance and street cleaning, checking for weeds, garden refuse removal

  • Keeping the garden areas at the coffee shop, entrances, and dam area clean and tidy at all times

  • Mowing the lawns

  • Plant propagation at the nursery

  • Renewal and upgrading of existing gardens

  • Ongoing clearance from vegetation of the security fence and security cameras

  • Removal of weeds on lawn areas, lawn repairs and additional fertilizing on isolated or struggling lawn patches

  • Weed removal in all beds and tree bowls in green areas, poorts and paved areas

  • Spraying of weeds along the perimeter fence and on paved parking areas

  • Ongoing pest control and invasive species management, amongst others removal invasive plants, and control of moles and termites

  • Ongoing maintenance of the irrigation system

  • Ongoing clearing of low hanging branches over streets


Best regards


Gawie Marx

Estate Manager

3 May 2024


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