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Welgevonden Estate: Estate Manager’s newsletter: October 2023

Dear Welgevonden Estate Homeowners and Residents

Summer is finally here, and it's making Welgevonden Estate come alive! Isn’t it good to see, after the long winter, families back again in the parks with their kids, couples enjoying sunset picnics with a glass of wine, caregivers strolling to the play areas with toddlers, and fitness enthusiasts jogging or walking away the stress of their workday!

Summer is definitely adding some fresh energy to Welgevonden Estate!


The WHOA annual general meeting will take place on Wednesday 29 November this year.

Different from previous years, the 2023 meeting will be held virtually. An online meeting offers various benefits, amongst others, allowing homeowners from around the world to join in, and members participating from the comfort of their homes without the need to travel to the meeting venue.

More details on how it will work will be communicated soon.

Development projects on Welgevonden Estate

Progress: Upgrading of the dam area

With the improvement in the weather and the disruptions due to excessive rain over recent months something of the past, the contractors are now making good progress with the project to upgrade the dam. Already the main features are coming together, and the final vision is becoming clearer by the day. Once completed, the new look dam with its decks and jetties will add great value to the surroundings, and to the overall appeal of Welgevonden Estate.

Upgrade of streetlights during loadshedding

We are pleased to announce that Excom has approved the connection of all the electrical reticulation of streetlights to the two generators that supply power to the estate’s security systems. This initiative aims to ensure that the streetlights remain operational during loadshedding which, in turn, will enhance security and improve the estate's overall attraction and intrinsic value.

Welgevonden Park

As previously mentioned, the required preliminary work is being done to apply for, and obtain, Stellenbosch Municipality’s approval for the development of the Welgevonden Park lifestyle centre. Part of this was an environmental impact assessment that was completed, and a site development plan (SDP) that was submitted to the Stellenbosch Municipality.

In an unexpected turn of events, not previously required but acknowledged as an oversight by the Stellenbosch Municipality, they now insist on the submission of a consent use application to obtain project clearance – something which we’ve promptly done. Unfortunately, this unforeseen development will delay the start of the project and will consequently impact upon the project’s budget.

We will communicate further information in this regard at the upcoming AGM.

Padel courts

Excom has received several requests from homeowners to incorporate padel courts into the Welgevonden Park development. We’ve consulted with a prominent sports company regarding the feasibility and associated costs of integrating two padel courts into to the current project plan. Based on this, we will shortly distribute an opinion survey to homeowners to provide more information, and to determine the level of interest in padel.


A big thank you to Paul Jordaan, Welgevonden Estate landscape manager, and his dedicated team for their outstanding work in enhancing and upkeeping the estate's parks and public open spaces.

In response to requests from homeowners, several new benches with backrests have been installed in certain park areas to provide for comfortable seating. Your feedback is invaluable in making these improvements.

New XONE Security contract manager

We are pleased to welcome Jacques Lotz, XONE Security’s new contract manager, to Welgevonden Estate. Jacques has long standing service with XONE Security, and was for the past seven years their contract manager at Welgedacht Estate in Durbanville before being transferred to Welgevonden Estate. We trust that he will enjoy working with our team and residents!

Jacques Lotz, XONE Security’s new contract manager

Outreach programme

Thank you to all Welgevonden Estate residents who contributed tinned and non-perishable food items for Aunt Margaret Wagner’s soup kitchen in Cloetesville. These donations were handed over during lunchtime on 28 September 2023. Present were Anneke du Toit and Gawie Marx from Welgevonden Estate management, Liesel Koen from Feeding in Action Stellenbosch, and Peter Johnson, Welgevonden Estate resident.

In closing

We began this newsletter on a vibrant note, celebrating the onset of summer. We wish to close on the same topic, but with a word of caution.

Motorists, please be extra careful when driving on the estate (and make sure your guests do the same), as more residents, and especially children, will be enjoying the outdoors again. Please be especially aware of children on foot, bicycles or skateboards on the streets, as well as our pets that will also be venturing outdoors more often. Be prepared for the unexpected, as experience has shown that children are often unaware of, or do not think of the dangers of the road when they are out playing. Please do not exceed the speed limit of 30 km/h.

Parents must ensure that their children are equipped with helmets and other protective gear when cycling or skateboarding on our public roads as per the National Road Traffic Act.

Best regards

Gawie Marx

Estate Manager


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