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Welgevonden Estate: Special newsletter: 21 February 2023

Dear Welgevonden Estate Homeowners and Residents

Road repairs notice

Please note that repair work to the Welgevonden Estate road crossings, following the installation of the irrigation system, will take place from today, 21 February, until Friday 24 February 2023.

Please drive slowly for the safety of the repair teams, also as there might be uneven surfaces on the roads where work is taking place.

Stage 6 load shedding: Pressure on water supply operations

According to a Stellenbosch Municipality communique received, Eskom’s Stage 6 load shedding puts severe pressure on the municipality’s ability to ensure that they meet the regular water demand in the municipal area.

An average of 9-11 hours of electricity downtime on a day means that water supply operations are being affected, despite contingency measures in place. Reservoirs do not always have enough time to refill to appropriate levels, and this may lead to low water pressure or an interruption in supply.

The municipality asks residents to reduce water usage to mitigate the effects of load shedding. This can be done by doing the following:

  • adopting a general water-wise lifestyle

  • taking short showers, instead of baths

  • not irrigating gardens with municipal water

  • using greywater or borehole water, where possible

  • limiting toilet flushes

Best regards

Gawie Marx

Estate Manager

21 February 2023


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